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Šumava Mountains Trail: Domažlice - Český Krumlov

Sumava Mountains Duration: 8 days / 7 nights
257 km / 160 miles
Trip rating:
Highlights: The leaning tower in Domažlice, Lipno Lake, Cistercian Monastery in Vyšší Brod, Rožmberk Castle, Šumava National Park, Baroque Theatre in Český Krumlov (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Šumava is the Czech Republic's largest National Park and receives the highest degree of nature protection. Its small, paved roads allow you to cycle in this area without using a mountain bike. The route is challenging, but the length of the daily cycling is kept short. Dense forests, cool mountain springs and sweeping hills are all part of Šumava's natural beauty. This route is ideal for nature enthusiasts and is also well balanced by the cultural treasures of the towns Vyšší Brod, Rožmberk and Český Krumlov. Coming down from the hills, you join the Vltava River and pass by the Lipno Reservoir. Finish in the fairytale, medieval town of Český Krumlov.

  Price (based on double occupancy)  what's included 2017 Dates
  1390 EUR per person Daily from April through October
  Single supplement: 350 EUR  
  15% supplement for single travellers on a self-guided tour*  
  *The car and luggage transfers are calculated based on a minimum of two
   people. If you go solo on a self-guided tour, you will pay a 15% tour
   supplement to cover the cost of the extra person not going.


  Price (based on double occupancy)  what's included 2017 Dates
  2090 EUR per person: Group size 4-7 people June 24 - July 1
  1890 EUR per person: Group size 8+ people August 12 - 19 (includes Chod Celebrations - St. Laurence Pilgrimage)
  Single supplement: 350 EUR
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Day 1: Domažlice
Arrival at Domažlice and sightseeing around the town with its valuable protected monument reserve. The most visited monument is Chodský Castle and the Gothic Dean's Church of the Nativity of the Virgin from the 13th century with a 56 m high tower that leans 190 cm from its vertical axis.
Overnight in Domažlice.

Day 2: Domažlice - Nýrsko (35 km / 22 miles)
The first day of cycling will take you to the town of Nýrsko. You can extend your route here by riding down to the Bavarian town of Furth im Wald (57 km / 35 miles) with its popular annual festival 'The Slaying of the Dragon'. The representation of the traditional 1,000-year-old local legend consists of a dragon show and a parade of 1,400 people in traditional costume with 200 horses.
Overnight in Nýrsko.

Day 3: Nýrsko – Srní (55 km / 34 miles)
Passing though the largest recreational area of Železná Ruda in central Šumava you can view the Baroque church of the Virgin Mary with its special bulbous roof. You will finish in the village of Srní with its typical Šumava architecture and a superb view of the Vydra River valley, made famous in the work of the Czech writer Klostermann.
Overnight in Srní.

Day 4: Srní – Lenora (42 km / 26 miles)
Today's route is the most demanding in terms of hills. From the village of Srní the route leads uphill (16 km) to the village of Kvilda - highest point on the Šumava Mountain Trail (1147 m). Kvilda is the highest village above sea level in Bohemia. The reward for this long climb is a 25 km downhill stretch all the way to Lenora in the Vltava River valley.
Overnight in Lenora.

Day 5: Lenora – Horní Planá (41 km / 26 miles)
Along the Vltava River you will reach the Lipno Reservoir. The 40 km long reservoir is the result of building a dam on the Vltava and flooding the valley alongside. By the village Nová Pec you will follow the left side of the reservoir to Horní Planá. The profile of the route has a more difficult ascent to Český Žleb, after this the ascent is easier to Horní Planá.
Overnight in Horní Planá.

Day 6: Horní Planá – Vyšší Brod (48 km / 30 miles)
Today you with go through easy terrain (only one large ascent after Frymburk) to Vyšší Brod. Here is one of the oldest monasteries in the Czech Republic, built in the second half of the 13th century. This monastery area is well preserved and is perched on a rocky outcrop on the western side of the Vltava. In the past, it was protected by a defense wall with cylindrical towers, of which only the north and east parts survive today. In addition, there are other important monuments including the monastery church - Assumption of the Virgin Mary, built in 1259 and also the Post Museum, which details the history of the postal system from the 16th century until today.
Overnight in Vyšší Brod.

Day 7: Vyšší Brod – Rožmberk – Český Krumlov (36 km / 23 miles)
The last day of cycling leads through Rožmberk with its majestic castle and directly above the Vltava River valley, leading to the jewel of South Bohemia, the town of Český Krumlov (a UNESCO Heritage Site). Český Krumlov is situated on the banks of the meandering upper course of the Vltava River. The old town preserves a virtually intact and still vital unparalleled ensemble of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque structures. Among the attractions are the second largest castle complex in the Czech Republic and the oldest working Baroque theatre in Europe.
Overnight in Český Krumlov.

Day 8: Český Krumlov
Sightseeing around Český Krumlov is an experience indeed. Český Krumlov also hosts many festivals and cultural events throughout the year, such as the Five-Petaled Rose Festival or the International Piano Festival. Besides these, we will be happy to recommend many others.

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