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These are some testimonials that our bike tour partner has received.

"Thanks especially for mapping out fabulous backroads, historic gems, glorious countrysides and romantic riverways. It surpassed our imaginations! The bikes performed very well!"
Jennifer L.

"It was the first bike tour for both Verena, and I, and we both had such a great holiday, and really appreciate all the planning that must go into such a week. I loved having the personalized maps, itinerary, and information pack, and the hotel bookings and luggage transfer appeared completely trouble free. To arrive in Tabor the night of the start of the festival was very exciting."
Penelope F.

"We just returned from a bike trip in Moravia and the Southern Czech Republic. It was excellent, thoroughly enjoyable and just right in terms of physical challenge. Arrangements were perfect and the tour kit was so thorough that we had no call to seek help."
Gopi A.

"I was most impressed with the service that you provided. At every opportunity you exceeded our expectations. Our special requests, a customized trip with double daily distance...and so many other issues were all dealt with courtesy and efficiency and always with a smile and a great attitude. I think that you could give a number of well run American companies a lesson in customer service."
Tom S.

"Your tour gave us the best service we have ever had."
Andy A.

"The bikes worked out well and I'm very happy now to have reserved that tandem with you in August, as I ended up powering my mother along for the better part of the week, so that she could enjoy the scenery. At age 75, I reckon she's earned the right to have her son do more of the work."
John T.

"The four of us on our bicycle trip through the Czech Republic in late August have to a person voted Lada our best guide ever. He not only is a skilled guide, an excellent communicator and a very good historian but a truly nice person. He was able to take us on a very short detour to visit his home and family which was an unique treat."
Joe H.

"Our guide, Petr Antonin, was fantastic. He worked so hard to make the trip a great experience for all of us. He's an enthusiastic cyclist who obviously enjoys meeting people and showing them the beauty and history of the Czech Republic."
Bob M.

"Everything worked out extremely well, the GPS and cue sheets got us exactly where we were to go each day with barely a false step, the hotels were fantastic and exceeded our expectations, and even the weather cooperated - just a light rain one day for an hour. The towns were all interesting and the routes you selected were great for biking. No hiccups with the baggage transfer, or anything else. You guys are organized!"
Randy and Rosanne S.

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