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  1. sudesh wijesuriya
    sudesh wijesuriya Dana
    Thank you admin
  2. sudesh wijesuriya
  3. Vije Smith
    Vije Smith
    All will gonna be fine!
  4. HOTMAILcity
    North America 85 million years ago
  5. Freedom School
    Freedom School Sova
    Hi, I saw a few of your comments and enjoy your writing. Hope my sincerity doesn't ever offend you and it's ok to message a bit.
    Just example was this page -
    but in general I can see you have some logic so feel free to speak more about that, maybe it's important in your life etc?
  6. Freedom School
    Freedom School Karel
    I have to say I enjoyed many of your writings... in the way of principles... points you pointed out and some feeling of quality / solidness. I registered here just for you. I hope you write back and also never be offended by my sincerity!
  7. Freedom School
    Freedom School
    <3 Czech for all it's + and _