Message Boards and Chat: Posting Guidelines

By following the simple guidelines below, you will help us keep the boards well organized and useful so that you and everyone else can make the most out of them. Thanks for visiting and enjoy!

The basic how-to when writing and responding to posts
Advertising and mentioning other websites
When to use Private Messaging
Please report spam on the boards

The basic how-to when writing and responding to posts
• Choose the most relevant forum for your topic. Don't post the same topic multiple times. Duplicate postings
will be locked or deleted.
• Use a descriptive title when starting a topic. Generic titles such as 'Help' or 'Need information' don't encourage
others to view your post. We may change your topic title to make it more specific for your post.

• Try not to ask questions that have already been asked and responded to by other members. You can search
the forums to see if your question has already been answered.

• Ask only one question per topic. Two different questions should be posted under two different topics.
• Keep all related posts within one topic. Don't start another topic to continue the same discussion.
• When responding to a post, keep your response focused on the topic.
• Avoid using ALL CAPS. They're hard to read and considered impolite.
• Please don't use graphics in your signature. They can slow down the boards.
• Please don't use links in your signature.

• Don't be rude, vulgar, offensive or discriminatory. Such postings will be deleted.


Advertising and mentioning other websites

We want our boards and chat to be a self-reliant community whose members are able to help each other with all sorts of questions and needs. A lot of time has gone into the implementation and ongoing management of the boards and chat. Membership is free. All we ask is that the following few requests are respected:
• Don't advertise products or services in your posts or signature. Advertisements and commercial posts will be
removed. If you would like to advertise on our site, please contact us.
• Don't use the boards and chat to promote your own website. You can link to your site from your Profile and
suggest your site to us if you would like to have it considered for addition to our Czech Links directory.

• Feel free to mention other websites that are relevant to the discussion and may be helpful to others. But
please don't use our boards and chat to promote websites that provide services offered by My Czech
Republic (accommodation, sightseeing tours, etc.) or have content similar to and our
boards. Posts that encourage our users to leave this community for a similar site may be removed or edited.

• The promotion of pornographic or any offensive and objectionable content in any manner is not allowed.


When to use Private Messaging (PM)

We like to think of these boards as a community that enables all users to participate in and benefit from the discussions. Soliciting help and providing answers to questions that may be of interest to others via Private Messaging only helps one individual: the poster. Private Messaging is a good choice when you wish to contact another board member with a message that is only pertinent to that individual and is not relevant to other board users. In all other cases, please post on the public boards.


Please report spam on the Boards: Send a PM to 'My Czech Republic'

We keep a close eye on the boards and delete every spam message that appears in a forum as soon as we discover it. We are however not always able to catch spam right away. We are asking for your help.

Spam posts in the forums
If you ever notice a message on the boards that you think is spam, please send a PM to 'My Czech Republic'
with a link to the post, or include:
- the poster's username
- the name of the forum in which the message is posted (e.g. Travel Tips & Advice)
- the name of the topic/thread under which the spam post can be found

Spam messages sent by PM
We occasionally hear about instances where spam messages are sent to our community members via the
Private Messaging feature. These may be advertisements, questions that belong on the public boards,
invitations to the sender's personal website, unsolicited offers of services, etc. If you receive a message that
you think should not have been sent to you, please send a PM to 'My Czech Republic' and include the sender's
username and a copy of the spam message.



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