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What is RSS?
• RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a format for sharing headlines and other web content. My Czech Republic uses it to offer you an easy way to view the latest topics posted on the message boards.

• The RSS feeds contain topic titles and can include the text of posts. The topic title links directly to the post on the message boards.

An example showing topic titles at

How can I use RSS?

• You can use any RSS news reader or aggregator. There are many news readers available and a helpful list can be found in the Google directory (see link below). Some news readers are web-based and work through your browser, while others are applications you download.

• One way to add an RSS feed is to click on the small orange RSS button and then copy the web address into the news reader.  Another easy way is to click on an RSS feed icon, such as for the service.
Helpful Links
• Google directory list of RSS News Readers - My Yahoo! allows you to collect parts of Yahoo! and the Web in one place. My Yahoo! uses RSS to enable access to over 150,000 content sources from around the Web

Bloglines - integrated service for searching, subscribing, publishing and sharing news feeds, blogs, and rich Web content

Terms and Conditions
• These feeds are available for personal and non-commercial use. My Czech Republic maintains the right to require that use of our RSS feeds be stopped at any time for any reason upon notification from
• My Czech Republic might find the need to change the RSS links as we look to make improvements to our offering and we will do our best to post a notification of these changes.


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