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    I am plannin on visiting either Brno or Olomouc before I go to Prague, and in between one of the former cities and Prague I'd like to see Policka (I am a big Martinu fan . . . ). The first question is . . .

    Which city would be a better one to see for around 2 days . . . I plan on getting there late on the (july) 22nd or possibly the 23rd, and only spending two nights. the second question is . . .

    is it possible to use public transportation to get to Policka (and then to Prague) . . . and the third question

    is Policka something I could do in a day, or should i make lodging plans . . . and the final question

    how much am I going to have to rely on my meager or bad Czech (in other words, how much English is spoken in Brno/Olomouc/Policka).

    I'll be coming in from the south (Croatia).

    Thank you

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