a Czech computer adventure game was released for free

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    I, being a Czech, learned lots of English words and phrases from English computer games. I wonder if it could also work "vice versa" - now in 2006 a Czech point and click adventure game "Dračí historie" ("Dragon's Story) was released for free. Better, it was released in both Czech and English versions. Being a DOS game, it needs VDMSound for sound, but otherwise normally works on, say, Windows XP.

    Here is the link:

  2. durk

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    ho thanks this sure is a fun way to learn new stuff. Is there a way to play it in a window instead of full screen?
  3. amraam_7

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    you can also try "6 zenichu a 1 navic" (6 grooms and 1 extra). it's complete with voice acting, size 194 Mb. definitely worth a try ;)

    download here: http://www.sosej.cz/download.php?pid=696&link=1

    This is a sequel to a game called "7 days, 7 nights" The hero, Venca Zahyb, was hired by some rich guy to guard his 7 daughters and their virginity. And guess what, he didn't. Instead he seduced all of them. Now, the rich guy wants him to find grooms for all of his girls, and that is the goal of this game.

    the game is recomended for 18+ audience, but it's not that bad, no explicit scenes.

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