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    Feminism did some great things for our gender and I'm happy for the good things it accomplished. However, it also did some damage.

    Let's get real here. The movement has its good points and bad points. Sometimes I praise God that I have the ability to be bare foot and pregnant standing beside the kitchen stove. But I don't want to always be that way. I also praise God that I can get up and go to work each morning. And I can thank the feminist movement for it's part in that. But I also don't want to open my own door. I long for some chivalry! I would like a man to treat a lady like a lady and I would like a woman to act like a lady instead of trying so hard to prove that she is equal to man that she sheds her entire feminitity.

    The feminist movement took it too far. Yes women should be allowed to vote, work, and get paid as much as the guy doing the same job. But lets not try to deny the way our Lord created us. The feminist have to face the truth that for the most part, women are built smaller and weaker than men. Generally a man can lift heavier things than we can. They can generally fight better than we can. God gave women more tear ducts than man. Generally, women are more emotionally and caring than men. We are generally more nurturing and compassionate. We also tend to talk more and write long post such as this one. :D

    I believe these qualities God gave us are great qualities and we should be proud of them. However, the feminist movement tried to deny them which tells me they weren't real proud of being a woman like they claimed to be.
  2. dzurisova

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    While I was writing the very long post above, a co-worker came over and asked me if I could do something for him. As I explain why I could not do it, he interrupted and said, "I was simply wanting a yes or no answer."

    I replied, "Well you're talking to a woman. If you want a yes or no answer, go ask a man."

    He agreed and walked away. :D
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    If we're going to talk about sexuality in advertising... is anyone else turned off by the Timbuktu ads in the metro? I honestly wonder if a pedophile is running their ad campaign.

    One of the photos is of a girl who can't be more than 10 years old, wearing more make-than I do, posed in a rather provocative position by any definition. I thought maybe I was just being my old-fashioned self and so I asked a couple of people (one male and one female) about the photo and they agreed that it's really quite off-putting.

    It's one thing to display adult women in this way (and that's part of what this thread wandered into), but I am completely turned off and somewhat sickened by this practically life-size photo that I see over and over again in the metro.

    Obviously, I'm not the target audience for this ad but I sort of worry about the person that this company has decided is!
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    Just a brief response - there have been feminists in these areas for years and years, and not just in places where the US intervenes, but these practices are complicated. Regarding FGM (female genital mutilation), many of the women and men in the societies feel this is a rite of passage, that it makes her fit for marriage and fit for society in general. Many women who have been able or old enough to refuse circumcision have been ostricized and sometimes even killed. I absolutely disagree with the practice and find it deplorable, but western feminists have been met with much disappointment in their fight to stop it. This is partly because feminism is seen as a Western influence - people see it as a threat to their culture and way of life and thus reject it, even though it is detrimental to women.

    I feel that western feminists should do whatever they can to promote women's rights in other countries, however, real change has to come from within these societies (which may or may not turn out like western feminists imagine!). Our "help" can be damaging sometimes when we don't consider the cultures of the people we are trying to help.

    Oops, that was supposed to brief. Sorry!
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    Dzurisovak, this is exactly the way to prove why women were/are paid less than men ..........hope you were joking :lol: :roll:
  6. dzurisova

    dzurisova Well-Known Member

  7. dzurisova

    dzurisova Well-Known Member

    No I was not joking. It is not a reason why women get paid less than men. Perhaps a yes or no answer isn't the best thing. Perhaps my company would benefit from employees putting greater detail into their answers.

    What my comment did was illustrate what I was saying above. That men and women are different and we should be proud of those differences. Not try to hide them. Generally women talk more than men, they give more detail when answering a question, etc. Who says this is a bad thing? Men and the feminists trying to be like men?

    For some reason feminists seem to think that we have to hide our differences and try to be just like men. I’m not a man nor do I want to be like one. I'm proud to be a woman. Men have some qualities better than women and women have some qualities better than men. Some qualities are neither better than the other just different. I'm glad we are not alike. I rather enjoy the differences God gave us.
  8. gypzy

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    First off let's all agree to disagree. No one can change anothers opinion. We have freedom of speech, man or woman. I believe in striking a balance. Am I glad that I'm not the "property" of some man who tells me what I can or can't do, yes. Am I glad that I have more opportuntity than my female ancestors, yes. I believe in human rights over womens rights, meaning that all humans should be treated equal. I'm glad that there are rape laws and spousal abuse laws. These are laws for men or women, mostly women are affected by these things. I don't think a man should be ridiculed for coming forward if he says he was raped or abused by the woman in his life. Feminism seems to be women centered. Somehow I think I just stated an oxymoron :roll:. Nobody should be ridiculed for whatever choices they make for the family, within the confines of common sense. I will never believe that feminism did anything good for commercialism or sexuality. Also, I'm not just blaming feminism for that, it's also the messages that society sends to the young girls. Has anyone hit upon MTV or reality shows lately?

    Where Susan says,
    No, I don't think femism can be blamed for that, but at the same point it doesn't help either . Yes, this kind of play acting has been going on for a long time. It just seems to have escalated.

    It's not just feminists who go into the middle east, Africa and other countries. Missionaries and Christian womens orginizations do this also. Many of these Christians don't think war is fun, but they also understand that in order to liberate the people, men and women, sometimes evil dictators need to be taken by force. Cindy Sheehan, Code Pink and NOW think that you can change things in these places by sitting around a campfire singing "Kumbia." I know this is really bad spelling, sorry :oops: .

    Susan, I do not want to go back to the "good old days", I just want to go to common sense. And yes I have found better people to hang out with. Since becoming a Christian I have felt more proud to be a woman than ever before. I feel that is who God wanted me to be for a reason.

    When I was talking about "be one of the guys", I meant girls have been givien the view that it's ok to have "bed buddies."

    What are the 2 most popular Civil war novels turned Movies? Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell and North and South by John Jakes. I have seen both movies many times. Just last summer I read John Jake's book. The summer before that I read Margaret Mitchell's book. Who did I admire the most? The character of Madeline in North and South. Madeline had opinions and she would say them even though her husband beat her. She had a good head on her shoulder. These were qualities that Orry Main loved about her. Virgilia Hazard was just plain old berzerk and a hippocrite. I can't stand that Scarlett O'hara ideal for women, especially the southern women. I could also go on about Gone with the Wind romanticizing slavery. My point is that in any time period women can get more done if they have common sense.

    Also, I agree with the things that dzurisovak has said. We should be PROUD of our differences.

    I think that's all I have to say.
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    the naked body isn't a taboo subject in many parts of the world...;America seems to have this hush hush mentality even to this day....Silly silly silly.

    I just don't get it. Anyone wanna buy me a flight to the Czech Rep....I need to find my roots.

    In other news....I have a very small penis.
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    Quote: Dzyrisovak: "While I was writing the very long post above, a co-worker came over and asked me if I could do something for him. As I explain why I could not do it, he interrupted and said, "I was simply wanting a yes or no answer."

    Our wires got crossed. What I meant was that you were "writing the very long post ....... a co-worker came over...." during your office hours. :) Thus my comment about "being paid less..."
  11. dzurisova

    dzurisova Well-Known Member

    Oh I see. Perhaps I was on our union alotted 15 minute break. Or perhaps I was on my 1/2 lunch. Or perhaps I'm salery paid and it doesn't matter when I do the job, I just have to get it done. Or perhaps I'm a government employee and it was our tax dollars at work! :wink:

    No one knows but me! :twisted:
  12. magan

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    Don't tell me :shock: 0ne will never figure out mysteries of life.....and sometimes doesn't want to either.
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    America has a love/hate relationship with the body. But don't most countires struggle with these kinds of issues?? Aren't some women in the Czech Republic currently trying to do away with or at least reduce raunchy banner ads? I think I remember reading about this not too long ago...

    By the way, ultraspunk, I'm sorry to hear that... :wink:

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