Accusative endings for Nouns & Adjectives ?

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    Can anyone help me with this ? , What is the best way to remember these ?

    Also i would like help or a example of how can i describe a person by using these endings ?

    Many Thanks
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    Intricate task:

    Accusative can assume double endings in masculine depending on the fact whether the inflected word is animate or inanimate. The animate ones assume the form which is identical with that of the genitive case, the others assume a form identical with that of nominative case:

    nom.: velký člověk (animate) x velký hrad (inanimate)
    acc.: velkého člověka x velký hrad

    in feminine, there is no distinction of animateness

    nom.: velká žena + velká židle
    acc.: velkou ženu + velkou židli

    in neuter, the ending of accusative is always the same as that of nominative because neuters are inherently inanimate

    For the second class of adjectives:
    masculine (excuse the nonsensual usage of the adjectives):

    nom.: jarní člověk (animate) x jarní den (inanimate)
    acc.: jarního člověka x jarní den


    nom.: jarní žena + jarní židle
    acc.: jarní ženu + jarní židli

    for neuters, it is always the same

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