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Discussion in 'Culture' started by Nastja, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. Nastja

    Nastja Member

    Hello to everyone, I hope that you can help me in my query.

    I was in Prague two years ago, and I especially liked the time I spent in the Old Town, not least of all because I met a particular interesting person there (it's a nice story, I'll tell it sometime). Ever since I returned home I've been trying to track this person down.
    My quest has lead me to the question: how likely is it that a person, who owns one of the souvenir boutiques scattered along every street, lives in a room above it? Or near it at all?
    And if it is likely, then how does the residential address differ from the address of the work place below it? To clarify: in one building with a particular address there may be several separate businesses - besides name, is there something that can be added to the address to specify which one in particular is wanted?

    I suppose it's difficult to describe, and I've tried to put the complex problem as simply as I can, but please don't hesitate to ask for more clarification or information if something isn't clear.

    Thank you to everyone who can help!
  2. eso

    eso Well-Known Member

    It's really hard to say. Own this person this place, or he is only renter with his shop?

    In most cases no, address is same for whole building/part of building.

    There are official public bussines directories, in which you maybe could find some contact information if you know address and official name of shop.
  3. Nastja

    Nastja Member

    Thank you for your prompt response, eso!

    The way I understand it, these souvenir boutiques are so numerous that they don't have official names - or, at least, not any name that can be seen around the shop front. Therein lies my problem - I can't look up this one, specifically, in any business directory.

    If I were to contact the landlord (who was in the directory as the owner of the entire building), do you think that he could provide further information, such as a contact address for the shopkeeper?

    My ultimate goal is to reach the person I mentioned earlier, and I am almost certain that he was working in this small store at the time. So, by my reasoning, if I can contact the shopkeeper, he/she may be able to give me some way of contacting the man in question.
  4. eso

    eso Well-Known Member

    I believe, that by law, every shop must have printed official name, address and tax number on sign with opening hours on front door.

    Well, it depends. Maybe if you give him sensible reason...
  5. Nastja

    Nastja Member

    Really? That does make a lot of sense, but I had no idea! Unfortunately I never noticed such a thing on the shop we're talking about, so I'll have to try other means.

    So it's unlikely? Well, yes, you're right, I doubt I would trust a foreigner asking for a personal address either. Hmmm. I suppose I will try anyway and hope for the best. I will request help about this in the translation forum at a later date.

    In any case, I do plan to be in the city this coming February, so I'll go in personally (hoping that the shop still exists!)
    Ah, that's another question - would there be any reason for these (or any) small shops to be closed during Winter?
  6. eso

    eso Well-Known Member

    Or you can post location of shop here and somebody, who lives nearby can look to sign on shop's door for you.

    Nope. Particularly time before Christmas is merchant's harvesttime. :)
  7. Nastja

    Nastja Member

    I'd hate to inconvenience anyone... but I'll take the opportunity with both hands!
    If anyone is able to/would like to help, there would be untold gratitude on my part :D The building is located at this address:

    Karlová 145/25
    110 00
    Praha 1

    25 is the číslo orientační. The address is not typical - firstly, while it is on Karlová, it doesn't seem to be on Karlová... On the map it looks like it is the northern terminus of Jilská, so that it's in a corner. Click here to see a map with an arrow pointing the shop's location. I obtained this map from

    Now, the shop I'm interested in faces Malé náměstí. If you click here (the site is a virtual map of Prague, with photographs - a wonderful website), you can see a photograph of the shop front. The one I want is the blue door. This photo seems to precede my own time there; things have changed and it no longer looks quite like this. Inside, the store is much longer than it is wide. I don't remember what exactly they sold, but I do think that it was mostly wooden toys and the like (I don't know if that helps, most of them sell wooden toys!)
    When I was there, there were football shirts hanging in the shop front.

    Ok, finally, directions. If you stand in Malé náměstí facing Hotel Rott (the one with the elaborate fresco) and then turn left, you will be facing the street called Malé náměstí about 20 metres in front of you. Walk towards this street. On the corner to your right there will be a three storey building - the first level is painted brown and has a sign, 'Malé náměstí No. 1,' in white letters, and the second/third levels are painted cream and house the Polish Institute. Now, turn this corner, right, so that you are walking along the other side of this building. If you are in the corner of two streets, you are in the right place! Please use this to help you (and while you're there, have a look at the amazing panoramas!)

    Fantastic! :D

    eso, mockrát Vám děkuji za Vaši pomoc!
  8. wer

    wer Well-Known Member

  9. Nastja

    Nastja Member

    Oh, I can't believe I'd never noticed the lack of the accent! Thank you for your correction!
    And thank you for the link, it might just help. :)
  10. bibax

    bibax Well-Known Member

    Yesterday I was going through the Charles street. The shop is still there (directly under the street plate KARLOVA). The front part of the shop is always full of football shirts (Nedvěd, Baroš, etc.). The shop sign says: SOUVENIRS - WINE - BEER.

    The owner of the whole house is (according to the land register):
    Jaromír Wurm
    Mánesova 515/63
    12000 Praha 2
  11. Nastja

    Nastja Member

    Thank you very much for the information, bibax, it was very kind of you to come here and tell me!

    I'm relieved to hear that the shop is still there, otherwise I would have had much more searching ahead of me.

    I had already found the owner's details using this site, and it is to this man that I am considering writing to request the shopkeeper's contact details.

    If any more help is forthcoming I would greatly appreciate it, as every detail helps! :)
  12. dzurisova

    dzurisova Well-Known Member

    You might have a better chance if you send a letter to this owner, not requesting the shop-keeper's contact info, but instead asking him to pass on your contact info to the shop-keeper. You can even include a sealed letter to the shop-keeper and the owner can simply pass that letter onto him.
  13. Nastja

    Nastja Member

    Now that is a good idea! I'll need to tweak the letter I've already written, but that will definitely save me time (something I lack at the moment). I've decided that I'll include one or two International Reply Coupons to improve my chances of receiving a reply. Does anyone know if their existence is well-known in the Czech Republic? Most Australians haven't heard of them.

    I really do hope that the man whom I'd like to find is still employed at this store - otherwise I foresee a lengthy exchange of letters with the shopkeeper!
  14. eso

    eso Well-Known Member

    Never heard of them, interesting idea though.
  15. Nastja

    Nastja Member

    I imagine they'd be immensely useful, but not if nobody knows about them! :)

    I understand that they are recommended to people undertaking genealogical research internationally.

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