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    As with any source of information or notice board it is important to provide facts so that others can be better educated and aware of potential pitfalls.

    I am going to talk about the well know but poorly documented Adult industry in Prague. Please remember this is to help you avoid the pitfalls not to take advantage.

    Firstly, Prague is no different to any other place in the world; female company is available for both physical and emotional company. I have travelled and live in many parts of the world over the last ten years; most of these years were spent in and around Europe. I provide you with this information not to aid you in pursuing pleasures of the body but to help you avoid being caught up in this well-established industry.

    OK If you are offered a free taxi to travel to a gentlemen’s club for some entertainment BE WARNED :!: you will need to be able to get back to your accommodation at the end of the night and although the taxi is free there getting back is a completely different story. One these clubs is called St Paulies, it is in the middle of nowhere and if you did not pay careful attention on the way there you stand very little chance of making it back on your own esteem. If you take the taxi (the only ones around work for the clubs by the way) you will have to pay whatever your told you have to pay or you walk.

    OK you had a few to drink and took up the offer of the taxi driver and now your at the entrance to this establishment it is going to cost you 1,000 :shock: crowns minimum to get in. I know the taxi drive or whoever got you there told you it was free entry!!! Wake up and smell the coffee minimum 1,000 (at today’s rate 41 crowns to the UK Pound that works out at just under£25.00).

    OK you have paid to get in and you expect there to be 20 girls walking around the place scantly dressed and awaiting your arrival…. Well there will probably be 20 other men all of whom will have been drinking on holiday and not be any stretch of the imagination the only ones to visited tonight. Rather than 20 girls you’ll find a handful if that, plus (even with your beer goggles on) they are not the same as the ones in the photos you were shown, NO.

    OK now you’re here what the hell. Well hell is probably least of your worries, to get any action you will be looking to fork out at the very least and I mean the very very least 3,000 crowns (£75) :shock: :shock: :shock: . Think it’s worth it, well what would you get for 3,000 crowns how about a dose? Maybe not from the girl, they exhibit very high standards of personal hygiene (well as high as someone who will spend time with some 30-40 men in one evening) Think of the mattress you will be laying on, you will not be the first nor the last!.

    OK she is going to make you have a shower before you do anything, what is she or someone else doing while you wash yourself, my guess (a well informed guess) is helping themselves to what ever they can get away with. After all who are you going to complain too. :oops:
    I am a single man and like nothing better than the attention of the opposite sex, I have made my mistakes and I have also learned some very expensive lessons in my time. My strong advice to you is go out have some fun and if all else fails always go to your own nice clean safe room….. and if you have some company there then good on you mate……..

    Last advise is the advice we always give to our girlfriends, sisters or someone else‘s girlfriend. Never ever go out alone in to an area you do not know, stay away from anyone offering you a good time you have seen the TV ‘When Good Times Go Bad’.

    8) Enjoy your holiday and the hospitality of the locals and other tourists you will meet girls from all over the world in town in the bars go out and say hello and save your money there welfare.

    PS you will find in all of the tourist guides details of ADULT ENTERTAINMENT, !!!! just because it is not outside of town in the middle of now where it does not make it any better an experience, go to your room it is best and safest place to spend the night you know I am right. :wink:

    Relax Don't Do It........
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    Well said mate. :)
    This should provide vital precautions for anyone planning to engage in this activity. I can honestly say that is not me though :wink: .

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