advice: Would you like to live in real czech family?

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    Hi :)

    ... We are czech family and we are looking for some english speaking student to live with us for some time.

    We are living in Zlín ( ). There is giant Thomas Bata university so that is opportunity for students of this school.

    I live just with my divorced mother and she always try to learn english :) but because of her job she is bussy for that. Usualy she learn english 2 months (one lesson per week) and after that she get angry at learning :))
    So there is no reason of her learning. And fortunately she said that is no right way so we decided :) to invite someone to our real life :)

    We live in family house very close to centrum of city. If you are interested in Xtreme sports mother will love you :) . She must to have adrenaline in her cores at least once a weak :)) She do paragliding and etc. So you do not have to affraid of you would feel bored here :)

    If my(our) advice make you interested please write me mail at " pospajan(@) "

    Hope to find someone to live with us :)

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