Ahoj from a French globe-trotter!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Berislava, Dec 28, 2008.

  1. Berislava

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    I am Berislava and totally new here!
    I am 23 and I am doing a Master's Degree in Translation

    I am on my second Erasmus trip for my studies, and after Poland, I am now living in Scotland. There, I have Czech friends and everyday I am discovering a bit more about Czech language and culture. That's why I am here.

    I am also learning their language, after Polish, I think I will manage, but I would prefer to exchange language. Studying all alone is so boring :)

    I also plan to go to Czech republic as soon as I can.
    My friends come from Brno and they are so enthusiastic about this city, so it makes me wanna go there, of course :)

    I listen to Czech folk music, Cechomor has particularly caught my attention

    Hope to talk to you soon! :)

  2. dzurisova

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    Welcome :)
  3. The Animal

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    vítám vás :wink:
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