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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by jedlicka, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. jedlicka

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    Hello all

    My name is theodore and I feel like I've been isolated from my culture.
    So I am here to learn more about it!

    I was born in California to czech parents, neither of whom speak fluent czech or even celebrated thier herritage (so sad!). My mother's parents came over to the US durring the cold war, changing thier first names and thier childrens first names into english to stay any anti-communist discrimination. My mother was the youngest of the clan and the first born on american soil.

    My father's grandparents fled from czechoslovakia to france before WW2 in fear of German aggresion. From france they also went to the US and had kids and so on. Not a whole lot of cultural presevration there.

    Growing up my only czech connection were my Mother's parents. Unfourtunately I was never interested in learning anything about it as a kid. Now that I am an adult it's a little different. My grandparents are gone and Im on my own in my cesky quest. It took me a while but I finally learned how to pronounce my name. I now pronounce it loud and proud! Anyways, still a long way to go before I regain some cultural identity. Planning a trip to Praha. It's expensive though..

    Anyways, Just wanted to introduce myself to everyone! Jak se mas?

  2. ArieA

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    Ahoj Theodore,

    Jak se máte... ?

    Welcome to this Czech Message Board, which I find to be a relief in International Human Contacts from all over the word. I’m trying to learn Czech as well as meet new people here. So far I’m not disappointed and have already some good contacts.

    So feel welcome and learn more from your “own” culture!

    Czech language seems difficult and it is! However, I try and that’s a good point!

    Na shledanou,
  3. dzurisova

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  4. Rommie

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    Welcome! :D

    I hope you won´t be disappointed and will enjoy your trip to Czech :wink:
    But PLEASE don´t forget that Czech republic doesn´t mean only Prague... We have many many beautiful places to visit :wink:
  5. jedlicka

    jedlicka Member

    Thanks everyone, I do feel very welcome already. This definately appears to be a very helpful site. I am sure that if I utilize everything that I will be able to learn czech one way or the other; lol

    It all comes down to how I really am, I can be so lazy sometimes! HAHA

    Thanks everyone for your replies!

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