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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by staropramen, Mar 10, 2009.

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    Dobre vecer.
    I've been on holiday 3 times to Prague and wish I had found this site sooner. So i'm a veteran in a way - St. Vitus Cathedral, cafes, Old Town square, the trams, Petrin Hill - i've seen some. I've even got over my embarrassment when I have to pay a nice lady to get into a gents loo! I'm looking forward to a trip again this year - i'm sure this site will add to my holiday.
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    Welcome, Staropramen! I'm sure the weather will be better when you visit Prague again in the summer. At the moment, you'd feel very much at home because it's drizzling - very unusual for Prague where it doesn't rain very much and it certainly very rarely drizzles!
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    vítám vás
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    Ahoj and vítám vás!
    By now you probably completed your fourth trip to Prague. I envy you! :)
    I have visited Prague twice and I consider myself a veteran too 8)

    Did you get to see any of the following sights? (which I enjoyed tremendously):
    Loreto, Strahovský Klášter, Týnský Chrám, Chrám sv. Mikuláše in Malá Strana, Kampa Ostrov, Oběcní Dům, Prašná brána... how about Karlův Most :?:
    For great beer I went to Novoměstský pivovar, and for great Czech food Havelská. I only ventured outside Prague to Křivoklát Castle and Karlštejn Castle.

    Next time I go back to CR I will try exploring other towns, maybe Brno, Olomouc, Třebič... I'll have to do some research for my next trip! :)

    Again, welcome to MyCzech!!!

    René z Floridy
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    Thanks, Rsalc1. Yes, i've visited some of these places. The Municipal House is stunning - wonderful architecture. I went to an orchestral concert there previously and heard some great playing. I think Czech orchestras really live the music of their homeland and their great technique helps, if they dont quite have the vitality of British and american orchestras.
    This year Charles Bridge is shrouded in scaffolding for restoration - not so many artists there - a pity.
    I hope you do some nice trips next visit - i'm hooked on Plzen for some reason - nice town centre, more relaxed (oh and try the beer).
    Sorry for late reply!
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    Welcome to the site!

    I have to say reference the part I've quoted, that the last two trips to Prague, Charles bridge was also covered in scafolding too which spoilt it for me.

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