Ahoj! i'm a newbie who'd like to learn czech

Discussion in 'Language Exchange & Czech Classes' started by pooh, Jun 9, 2003.

  1. pooh

    pooh New Member

    I'm a 21-year old girl from belgium. Some time ago i met a czech boy...and, let's say we get along very well [​IMG] He is now studying my language [​IMG] but i would also like to learn czech...so it would be easier for us to communicate. Learning it by yourself isn't easy though!! If there are any czech people here who could help me with it (by writing emails in czech, etc), i would be very thankful! Youc an write me at purple_poohtje@hotmail.com
  2. Kikko

    Kikko Well-Known Member

    Uhmmm mais alors tu parles francais [​IMG]

    In meantime you could start learning things like nouns and adjectives declensions, pronouns, the most important verbs...

    You can do it yourself since those are must-known things with nothing to explain [​IMG]
  3. pooh

    pooh New Member

    Well, actually I speak Dutch...mais je parle aussi le français, comme deuxičme langue. [​IMG] Flemish people are mostly brought up bilingual, we have to take french classes in school. I think that's a good thing, since french is a quite important language.

    As for my czech studies...i'm already studying the nouns, verbs, adjectives,... [​IMG]but it's actually the 'sentence building' that i find difficult. It's quite different from how we build our sentences in dutch.

    Anyway, thanx for responding, i'm going to continue studying and i really hope that one day i'm going to be able to speak czech properly [​IMG]
  4. ngann

    ngann New Member

    I have to say i agree with you that it is important to learn languages in school. I am from Scotland and i feel that British people do not try to learn languages enough. That is the reason i am trying to learn Czech, although i know a little French as well. I want to be able to visit countries and be able to have conversations more easily.
  5. pooh

    pooh New Member

    To be able to speak languages when I visit foreign countries, that is also the main reason why I'm studying languages. At school we also have to take - next to french - english and german classes. And now I'm trying to learn czech. On my own... I have to say: not easy! but normaly i'm not a quitter, so...
    After czech, i think i'm going to take spanisch classes, that's more easy, since we have schools here where you can learn spanish. That's not possible for czech.


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