ahoj, translation please + potato song??

Discussion in 'General Language' started by teddy0bear, Oct 10, 2003.

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    I also attended czech school when i was little and was taught this potato song (according to my mom). From what i can understand its like one two three potato or something like that (counting in the beggining). I was wondering if someone can maybe type it out for me (help me catch sounds i miss) and maybe translate it? (it would b nice 2 know what i'm singing) sorry, it is asking a lot and i hope you don't mind 2 much *blush*
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    I am english and taught in english schools...we were taught this potato song also.....so where did it originate from?

  3. Jana

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    Jedna dvě tři čtyři pět,
    cos to, Honzo, cos to sněd?
    Brambory pečený,
    byly málo maštěný.

    Když jsem chodil do školy,
    učil jsem se litery.
    Jedna dvě tři čtyři,
    to jsou moje litery.

    Approximate translation:
    One two three four five,
    what did you eat, Honza (Johny)?
    Baked potatoes,
    too little grease on them.

    When I was going to school,
    I was learning letters.
    One two three four,
    these are my letters.

    This is a typical Czech nursery rhyme, and it would need some effort to find out something about its age and origin. All I know is that is is really old and sung in all Czech kindergardens and primary schools.
  4. teddy0bear

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    wow thanks guys! thats even one more verse then i know [​IMG] yah, more 2 lear [​IMG]

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