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  1. Isa

    Isa Member

    Ahoj! :D

    My name is Isa, and I am new to the forum! I have just started to learn Cesky!

    Nemluvim moc cesky! (But I want to learn as my best friend Ludska is from Czech)

    Isa xx :p
  2. dzurisova

    dzurisova Well-Known Member


    How are you learning? Do you take classes somewhere or do you have teach yourself material?
  3. Isa

    Isa Member

    Aohj dzurisovak :D

    I am teaching myself, but my best friend Ludska is from Czech so she is going to help me. She is the one who has the book I was trying to find, but she got it IN Czech for her English Husband. It looks really good and I want to get it. I emailed the publisher and am awaiting a reply! :lol:
  4. dzurisova

    dzurisova Well-Known Member

    Oh ok, well I hope you are able to get it. You shouldn't have a problem with emailing the publisher.
  5. Ájík

    Ájík Well-Known Member

    hey Isa, She's name is "Lucka" not "Ludska". Lucka is a familiar addressing, the formal name is "Lucie". 8) 8) :D :D
  6. Isa

    Isa Member

    Hi Ájík!

    Dekuji! I didn't know how to spell it, only how to pronounce! She calls her self Lucie, but as in the English 'Lucy', would you pronounce Lucie as Lootsia?

    I have known her for years, and its always wondered me why she used the english version of her name.

    It's like my Polish friend, Pawel, he calles himself Paul in England

    Love Isa x 8)
  7. Ájík

    Ájík Well-Known Member

    ... I guess so :) but Lucka sounds better isn't it 8)
    .... you have got a strong arms as a masseuse don't you :D :D the sites looks tempting... :)

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