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    I have a couple of Czech phrasebooks and they differ on a few signs so I was wondering which was I more likely to see when I go to Czech next month. They are:

    Entrance: vstop or vchod?
    Men (toilet): pani or muzi?
    Women (toilet): damy or zeny?
    Full: plno or plny?

    Thanks for any help.
  2. Alexx

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    That's my opinion :)
  3. wer

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    vstup … entry, input, entryway
    vchod … entryway for walking
    vjezd … entryway for driving

    “Vstup” is often used instead of “vchod”, but rarely instead of “vjezd”.

    The corresponding antonyms are “výstup”, “východ” and “výjezd” respectively.

    “Vjezd/výjezd” is often used in place of English “No parking”.

    I agree with DjAvatar. You can also met “M” for “men”, “Ž” for “women”, “D” for “ladies”, but only rarely “P” for “gents”. And most likely there will be also/only pictograms.

    Given the previous context, I guess you ask for “obsazeno” (= occupied).
  4. dozmary

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    Dekuyi to you both (in my best Czenglish :D )

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