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    Have you ordered something from Amazon? If yes, I have few questions on you. I would like to buy some books about Adobe Photoshop, which aren't sold here, in Czech Republic. What's the final price. Is the price showed on the web with taxes? And how much is the taxes? What's the cost for transportation? And another questions, if someone will buy me some books and they arrive to Prague with the books, do I have to pay some dutty (import dutty, in Czech lang. clo)?? Thanks for all the replies.
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    For, apparently, you only pay sales tax if you live in Kansas, North Dakota, or Washington state. As for shipping, to the USA it is about $3.50, but on many orders over $25, they ship for free (except, I think, with used or discounted books). I don't know about customs duties. You can always check for book prices. It compares prices at several online bookstores and gives information on store ratings, shipping, and tax.
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    I have purchased from many times and have always been have happy with the experience. I had one order sent to me here in the Czech Republic and did not have to pay duties on it, but I think it might depend on the total value of the order.

    As Sova said and according to the Amazon site, orders shipped by Amazon are only taxed if sent to Kansas, Kentucky, North Dakota, or Washington.

    I have copied Amazon's current international shipping rates to Europe below:

    CDs, DVDs, music cassettes, VHS videotapes, vinyl
    Per shipment - $4.49, Per item - $2.49
    Per shipment - $4.49, Per item - $4.49
    Any combination of the above items
    Per shipment - Highest applicable per-shipment charge, Per item - As above

    *Books with listed availabilities of more than 3 weeks may incur an additional shipping fee of $1.99 per item.

    I doubt your friend would be charged duty if he brought you a couple of books.
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    A friend of mine who was stationed in Germany found the UK's Amazon website: quicker whenever he wanted to order books, music, etc. Just a thought. :)

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