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    You may also want to take a peek at the documentary, "The Fog of War" about/with Robert McNamara, Secretary of Defense during the Vietnam War. McNamara makes no bones about his views and what he now considers to be the errors that the US made in Vietnam. Nothing against fictionalized accounts of this time period, but it may be helpful to hear from one of the key players within the US government during this military action.
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    I just found this topic today, it's an old topic but I cannot stop myself to post some words on it ! Thank you Ajik started it, thank you everybody talked about it ! I am really exited to read these posts on this topic . It's very simple, I am a Vietnamese.

    I was born in the term US President Johnson ordered bombing Northern Vietnam! I was 5 years old when Nickson ordered bombing Hanoi in Christmas 1972. I was survived because that time I stayed in Hanoi, and my house was just nearby the Main Rail Station, the target of American bombs. All I remember about the war were distroyed houses, and a street named Kham Thien (a big street in Hanoi) was gone with the boms, pieces of bodies were everywhere…That time, all I had known about America was Black Metal Birds( B52),what bring the dead to us…Do you know, America in Vietnamese language is Mỹ, it means Beauty, Marvellousness…It was really ironical in that time.

    When I grew up, the war's consequence was still very hard…and embago…My generation grew up in hungry, in short of everything. But we understood that damn war bring to Americans bigger hurting than to us. We had a lot of thing to do, worries for the hard life in present place the war's hurting…But upper all, Vietnamese people aren't people who have long vindictive hatred. It's meaningless. The life is too short and always keeps going on ... I know that many US veterants still don’t wanna hear about Vietnam…I would like to tell them that the past is passed over ! Don't let what happened in the past hurts you more.

    I watched the movie Fahrentheit last week ! The shot an American mother bended down in front of White House and sobed her heart out "I need my son…" was hit me ! I was crying !

    I entirely agree with Sova

    On a darker note, Lord knows I hate Spring Roll although I am a Vietnamese :D :D :D

    Thanks evryone on this topic !
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    Thanks doman. It's pretty old. I can see how many mistakes in EN I have done :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
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    Hi Doman,

    So sad about your story. It is good that you shared. It helps all on this board to realize that we are all humans sharing this earth. And we all smile when happy, laugh at jokes, frown when mad, cry when sad, mourn losses, bleed when poked.
    In heaven there will be no man's wars or seperate nationalities.

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    Domain, I really appreciate your contribution to this posts. You can bring a perspective that no others here cannot. Thanks for sharing. Also, thanks for your words of forgiveness. Unforgiveness mostly hurts the one who tightly holds to it.
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    I definitely appreciate your comments, too, doman. My Vienamese friend (born 1971) was from the South. His parents, in the end, deciding to help him find a better life, put him on a ship to America at age 6 or 7, all by himself (that is no family, friends). Their ship was almost hijacked by pirates/slavers en route, but were scared away by another ship that happened by. To make a long story short, he was adopted by American parents and grew up American.

    I'll bet an entire library could be filled with such stories of hardship and sacrifice that came out of that era and others like it. My mother-in-law tells me stories about WWII in rural Russia, that are similar in nature to what you describe. The world will be a better place if people could just learn to peacably work out their differences. Not that I hold much hope of that happening any time soon. (sigh)
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    Yes, an era of tear and blood.. I am consesual with these people ! They left the fatherland for many reasons... The world called them by the bitter name " boat people"...Do you know who were they ? They were our neibours, relatives, friends... even brothers, sisters. One day, they just left...and remainders couldn't hear anything about them...or just some very bad news...The boat-people who survived carrying in their mind spirit injuries non-salubrious.
    In your Vietnamese friend's situation, I guess, maybe he is successfully in the such-and-such fields... He is totaly an American.. But, in his very deeply internal, a big question always exists... Where is he belong ? Its an emty hole that imposible to fill by the others ! You, his friends, his American parent, ect... can be him-understood, but he's to do it himself... :D I wish you could understand what I mean, my English is too small. :D. And I wish I could help, at least in his Vietnamese Learning :D
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    your English is fine and you express very sincere, heart-felt feelings. Wishing you and the younger generations in Vietnam the chance to grow and heal and fully know a place where each of us "belongs".
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    I want to tell You again: I really appreciate your posts at this topic !!!
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    OK ! OK ! It's your topic, right ? Don't make me feel as I've got Oscar ! You little demon ! :lol: :lol: :lol: ( by your scared pic)

    btw, thanks a lot to Kathy, Katka, Sova and Glenn ! I felt that we used to know each others hundreds of year ! Have good to all ! :D
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    I have to agree, the picture scared me when I first saw it! :lol: It looks like someone from Whoville. Did anyone see the movie Grinch with Jim Carrey :?:
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    I have seen "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" with John Carrey. Brilliant film!!
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    Ajik, I don't think the two are related. The reason I asked if anyone saw the movie is because it takes place in a fictional land called Whoville and all the characters look like your picture. :lol:
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    Yes, this picture, and even myself are from the Whoville. :D
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    How did you make that pic ? With Photoshop CS or other software ? Can you do for me one, whithout hair :D,

    An other question: How you can resize the animated pic :?: ? I've got some, but when I resized them, they turn to normal pic...
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    Doman, I DID NOT make it! It's from the inet :wink: :wink:

    And my last pict. those dancing banana was less then 6kb, so I didn't have to resize it :wink: :wink:
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    Grrrr... :evil: Disapoited ! You're consealing your talent !
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    I was reminded of Robin Williams' Mrs. Doubtfire, but the Whoville comment works well, too.
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    I completely, and absolutely agree with Richard Nixon's statement ...
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    Doman, my hat is off to you. You come across as such a spiritually aware, kind and warm person. I agree with you that we have to move on and not dwell on the past and keep the embers of bitterness alive. Let's make sure our children and grandchildren see people of any nation as people first

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