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    I'll be going from Warzaw to Prague at the end of January with my boyfriend, and we're planning to take some time to see some more of the Czech republic other than just Prague - say maybe a week or so. Not a lot of time, I know, but could you reccomend some places to stop on the way? We have both the Pilzen and the Budvar brewery tours on our list already, of course. :D

    And do you have any hostel/relatively inexpensive hotel recomendations for Prague? We're not too keen on dorm rooms, so a hostel that offers double rooms as well would be nice. :p
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    You must, must, must go to Cesky Krumlov. A real fairy tale village that is a only a bit touristy, but it probably won't feel much like it in January. Too cold for most tourists!

    I'd also suggest Kutna Hora for St. Barbara's (gorgeous!), the silver mine/coinage place (can't think what it's called, but very interesting), and if you're so inclined, the Sedlec "bone church." Creepy but morbidly fascinating.

  3. Dana

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    Hi Coriander,

    You can check out our Day Trips from Prague section where we (Jeff and I) give tips on places to visit on short trips. The Karlštejn Castle is unfortunately closed in January and the Terezín Memorial is obviously a special interest type of a trip.

    Like Susan, I would recommend Kutná Hora for an easy day trip. It's a pleasant town and you can cover it in a few hours. Make sure you go inside the St. Barbora Cathedral. To get an idea of what the ossuary (Sedlec bone church) looks like, you can see lots of pics here (they start on the bottom of the page and continue on the next two pages). It's a creepy place, I don't really care for it, but it's unique. To get there, I recommend taking a taxi from the Kutná Hora town square.

    A trip to Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad) is also doable in one day and you may want to consider it. It's a beautiful spa town with grand architecture, nice colonnades to walk along and hot springs to sample. Again, lots of info is provided in our Karlovy Vary section.

    You should definitely visit Český Krumlov. It's probably my favorite Czech town. It's very pretty and has lots of character. You should spend at least one night there to enjoy the town. Read more on our Český Krumlov page, including how to get there.

    I also like Třeboň in Southern Bohemia but you may not have time for it if you're also doing Plzeň and České Budějovice (good ideas, by the way).

    I hope you enjoy your trip!

  4. Dana

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    One more thing... I suggest you post your question about Prague hostel/hotel recommendations as a new topic with a descriptive title (e.g. "Budget Accommodation in Prague") so that others can easily see it and respond. People won't expect to find a question related to Prague accommodation under a topic called "...and other than Prague...?".

    In the meantime, you are welcome to browse our list of Prague Youth Hostels (the "Selected Prague Hostels" we list on the page are especially popular Prague hostels) and Prague Hotels (there are over 300 of them but you can sort by price) to see if any of them strike you as good options.

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    When you go to České Budějovice, be sure to check out Hluboka.



    It's absolutely beautiful! But maybe I'm partial to it because my husband and I got married there. :wink: :lol:
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