antiquing in cesky krumlov and how to get there

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    Thank you. Where is Kaprova? I always bring my own folded up box in my suitcase, along with bubble wrap and tape and marker. I can always leave them behind if I don't use them! I just hate how we have to leave our suitcases unlocked now, but it is for everyone's own good. The sad thing is, the innocent are almost harrased and if an evil person wants to do something, they still will. My 86 year old friend had to remove her shoes and had difficulty putting them back on. and we almost missed the plane (our own fault).
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    Kaprova street is in Old Town, it goes from Old Town Square (Staroměstské náměstí) to the river.

    Here is link to the map:

    You never know if your lugagge will travel to the same airport and/or will be there at the same time like you. So I always take few things in small bag on board, together with something to eat and drink (just in case). They always want me to show them the bottle. The belt buckle is story itself. Last time they double checked my little scrissors. It is sad but I can live with it. What make me feel strange are guards with automatic rifles on the airports abroad. Being Czech I am not used to seeing weapons carried out in the open.
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    thank you all. I am really having fun looking up all these places on my map. I dream positive dreams now, as in: I AM going to this desk at the airport and asking this question and I am buying this travel pass and this is where I go, instead of panicky ones as in:Oh my God, what havae I done...after I got my ticket! I am always open to new information and places to go and things to do. I have a 3 night reservation in Cesky Krumlov and wonder if there are nearby sidetrips to go to. I think my time inPrague will be full. There is one little antique store I went to in Pragu last time, that I would like to go to again. The map shows it on the other side of the river, but the shop was on what I would call the back side of Old Town square. It is called Antik-Bazar and address on their card is provaznicka' 9. Telephone is 0603/714324. Does anyone have access to a phone book to tell me another address? Thank you
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    Provaznická is just near the bottom of Wenceslas Square, between there and the Old Town Square, but I do not know the shop of which you speak.

    My wife and I had a lovely day out by bus from Český Krumlov to Rožmberk nad Vltavou. Pictures [url]´HERE[/url]
    I am sure your host at your accommodation would help you with the bus timetable if you chose to go there. There are lots of little places to see nearby, like Zlatá Koruna. Although, there is so much to enjoy in Krumlov itself, I am not sure you would have time to go elsewhere!

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    Thanks so much!!! I really appreciate it.
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