Anyone from Stadlo (Stadel) near Sternberk in the Czech R.

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  1. bohemiandude

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    My grandfather is from Stadlo and fought as a soldier during WWI and left using his Czechoslovakian passport just before WWII. I would like to meet someone from there to share with me their life experiences and the culture there.
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    Coincidentally my grandfather was born in Žerotín which is a small village cca 6 km far from Stádlo. He also fought during WWI in 6th "Hanácký" Regiment (Haná is the region around Olomouc). His Russian anabasis ended in Vladivostok. He returned home in 1921, on board the USS "President Grant", after a long travel through the Indian Ocean and the Suez Canal to Terst (Trieste).
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    Hey Bibax, it's great to hear about your grandfather history, USS Grant. Is there a way to find out what regiment my grandfather served. Just wondering if there is some sort of list or office to check with. Any information would be appreciated.
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    Most military records can be found in one of two archives.

    Military Central Archive in Prague:

    Vojenský ústřední archiv
    Sokolovská 136
    186 00 Praha 8 - Karlín
    Czech Republic

    War Archive in Vienna:

    Nottendorfergasse 2-4
    A-1030 Wien
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    Bibax, you the man! Thank you.

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