Arriving in Praha next Friday...

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    Anyone would like to hang out with me?

    I'm arriving from the US to Praha 1 on Friday (the 22nd), Brno on Saturday (23rd), Bratislava the 24th and 25th, back to Brno the 26th...Olomouc the 27th, Ostrava the 28th and 29th, then Cesky Krumlov and back to Praha for New Year's and leaving on the 2nd.

    Any recommendations for bars/club/ex-pat places near Praha 1?

    How much SHOULD it cost to get from the airport to Praha 1? Around 500 or about $25 USD?

    Would it be better to take the train or bus to Brno?

    Which one is closer to Praha 1, the train or bus station? What's the difference in times to get there via train or bus?

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    It sounds like a whirl-wind tour of the Czech Republic.

    Can't help on the Pubs and Bars.

    The last taxi ride from the Airport to Praha 1 cost me 750 Kc including tip, but that was at rush hour so it may have been higher due to the time it took.

    I would recommend the bus. The last time I checked, there were 6-7 different bus trips to Brno, but only one scheduled train trip per day Also the bus takes 2 1/2 hours and the train takes 3 1/2 hours. Also can't advise on the difference in cost. I seem to recall that the bus was cheaper.

    I think that Hlavni Nadrazi is closer than the bus Nadrazi to the center of the old town, but I am not certain.

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