Art Noveau Architecture....simply gorgeous

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    Municipal Hall by Powder Tower (walking distance from Wenceslau Square or Old Town Square)...for something really special...this is not eatery, but exclusive Art Noveau Restaurant and other side of entry hall is Caffe.....not cheap, but if you can afford it have coffee and pastry in Caffe......Municipal Hall..... Lovely lovely place which also has tours 150 Kc/pp find their website. Menus (in English too) are in the entrance hall so you can see what you can have. If you don't want to spend that kind of money for food, go in anyway and have a look at both sides to see how beautiful it is.

    If you are interested in Art Noveau and not in food continue from Municipal Hall towards Wenceslau Square (Vaclavske namesti). On your left side sidewalk, you will pass Zivnostenska Banka, which is well worth going into. Go all the way upstairs into main hallway. Just beautifull.

    Another very interesting building is Hlavni Posta (main post office) in Jindrisska. You get there by walking up on the left side of the Wenceslau Sq. and turn first street on your left. Continue and on right side you will find Hlavni Posta. Go in and see another example of Art Noveau. These buildings are quite unique in the world, however, there are many more in Prague.

    When you continue all the way up on Wenceslau Sq. you will be heading toward Museum which is that beautiful building on the top. Notice St. VAclav on the horse. FAmous place for dates (under his tail!). You will get to Museum if you take stairs under (like if you go to Metro) and come up on other side. I did not find Museum very interesting, lots of rocks and other collections, but entrance hall and staircase are simply magnificent. Also nice view from the front of museum.

    Any other suggestions to see magnificent Art Noveau architecture?
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    Hi magan!
    Nice post, thank you. i'm a big amateur of Art Noveau style in general, and Prague offers us lots of examples of this style. Well, you mentioned the best examples in the city center, but as I know, market center in Vinohrady (or market hall - I don't remember the exact name of this place), and exhibition pavillion Vystaviste are also worth to be seen.
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    Oh, and Spanish sinagogue in pseudo-mavritane style is also great example!
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    Quote: "market center in Vinohrady (or market hall - I don't remember the exact name of this place), "

    Building is called Vinohradska Trznice. Last year I went in to look and they renovated it into a shopping mall. Not much interesting stuff...just the stores. However, you can get there taking street car from (behind) National Muzeum (top of Wenceslau Sq.) street car goes up the Vinohradska St. and stops by the Trznice. From there is is nice walk down the hill back to Wenceslau Sq. There are some decent restaurants and interesting stores on the way.

    Building on Exhibition site is very nice and large. In summer they have Musical Water Fountain concerts in that area and inside in the building there is a large concert/theatre hall. I have seen some musicals there few years ago.

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