Asian youths visiting Prague for the first time--any tips?

Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by glowarlini, Apr 14, 2006.

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    Hello everyone,

    My boyfriend and I are visiting Prague in end of May for the first time ever! This is only the 2nd time we're visiting Europe all the way from Asia, so we're very excited about the prospect.

    I'm wondering if anyone could give us some tips as to where to stay, eat and sightsee. Accomodation-wise, we're looking at a double room with ensuite bathroom...but is it possible to get this type of room with affordable prices (around 500-600 CZK)? Or are we having unrealistic expectations? We're on the quiet side and we're not big fans of clubs, so we're not particularly looking at areas with lively nightlife--quiet areas suit us just as fine.

    Also, my boyfriend eats halal food so I was wondering if vegetarian restaurants are easy to find in Prague?

    Finally, I'm just curious but I dont seem to see/hear many Asians in Prague. Are Asians unusual visitors to Prague, and is there any culture/habits/custom that we need to get accustomed to there?

    Thanks so much for your kind helps!

    Best Regards
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    Same advice like for anybody else going to Prague first time. have a good read of this web and also search in discussion for key words of your interest i.e. vegetarian OR asian.

    There is lots of Asian restaurants in Prague so you won't have any problem to chose veg. dishes there. There are not many strictly vegetarian restaurants. One I can think of is Govinda (Prague 1), which is run by Hari Chrishna, but open to all. Halal would be next to impossible so your boyfriend will have to ease up on that request. When traveling you want to concentrate on place you are visiting and not spend your time searching for next place to eat. Easiest way will be to eat in Asian restaurants, but it is real pitty as part of the fun when traveling is trying ethnic food. Some Czech meals do not have meat, but something like fried cheese, boiled potato and tartar sauce wouldn't be very palatable to Asian, even though it is popular in CR.

    There is large number of Vietnamese immigrants living in Prague, they usually run small local grocery shops, vegetable/fruit shops, restaurants and have stalls in "vietnamese markets". Being Asian is nothing unusual in Prague.

    Someone I know is staying one night in Hostel in Dlouha trida, Prague 1 (private room) and she will let me know next week if it was acceptable. In any case, I stopped there yesterday, reception was crowded with young people. Location is good right in the centre and accessible by street car. It is short walk from Old town square. As I said I cannot say how it looks like inside, but it seems to be popular with young. Search interet for their website and see if it is something you are looking for. There are other hostels in Prague and you can search for them i.e. hostel prague. Make your reservation ahead as there are lots of tourists in Prague.
    Good luck.

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