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  1. PatK100

    PatK100 Active Member


    Visiting the Czech Republic for the first time in July - wondered how reliable the ATM's are for obtaining local currency with a Visa Electron Card.

    Please email me or PM me.

    Many thanks

  2. Sigma

    Sigma Well-Known Member

    I can't imagine you would have any problems. I never had a problem taking money out from an ATM using my American bank card.
  3. TnDan

    TnDan Member

    Ahoj Pat! I visited Prague in March and I, like Sigma, had no problems obtaining money from local ATM's. I used a bank issued VISA/debit card supported by the "Cirrus" network.

    Enjoy Prague !!!

  4. ondrejana

    ondrejana Well-Known Member

    Hello Pat

    Just returned myself within this week and, like you, was bit nervous about the issue of ease of ATM convenience, etc.

    Not a problem at all; they are scattered quite nicely, and I believe that the daily allowance for withdrawal is around 8000 Kc/daily.

    Hope you have a great trip next month! you're going to be thrown into the throng of tourists

  5. SMZ

    SMZ Well-Known Member

    For those who have used their ATM card in the CR...

    Does it matter if it is a credit or debit card? Every now and then (not often, thank goodness) I've encountered businesses that can't/don't accept debit cards.

    Do the ATM's take either type?

  6. PatK100

    PatK100 Active Member

    I used my Debit Card fine but my bank charged me £1.75 per transaction - either using am ATM or paying for good in a shop.
  7. SMZ

    SMZ Well-Known Member

    Yikes! :shock: Thanks for the warning -- I'll ask about that before I leave home.


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