Attitudes of young Czechs towards inter-racial dating

Discussion in 'Culture' started by Speed, Apr 15, 2004.

  1. Speed

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    I am from India, and I am curious about how young people in CR feel about dating a person from a different race.

    I undertsand that ofcourse it is very much a personal preferance, but I want to know about it from a sociological prespective. I would be delighted if you consider the following questions before answering the question:

    :arrow: Would you date a person from another race? What kind of discouragement might you face from people around you, if any?

    :arrow: How do you think your friends would answer that question ?

    Please mention if you are a guy or a girl when you answer the question ( if it is not obvious from your name) so that I can see if the attitudes differ between guys and girls

    Thank you very much, and I appreciate any insights you provide.
  2. hyposmurf

    hyposmurf Member

    I'm not from Czech but been there numerous times and know people who live there.One thing I did notice is that there are very few foreigners in Czech from afro or Indian backgrounds,I didnt ever come across an Indian person,so I guess like anywhere someone is new people will turn heads.Guess youll have to just find out what people think,anyway shouldnt matter,if your happy with your partner.
  3. CosaNostra

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    I am from CZ and cant speak english well :p

    Would you date a person from another race? What kind of discouragement might you face from people around you, if any?

    Yes, why not ... if i love her, there is no problem

    How do you think your friends would answer that question ?

    really dont know
  4. amraam_7

    amraam_7 Well-Known Member

    I am 18 and I am a male, here are the answers:
    Yes, I would date a person from another race, I can't think of any problems I might face :)
  5. Jiri

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  6. Karel

    Karel Well-Known Member

  7. Hi!

    I am a guy from the CR. I must agree with "hyposmurf". There is not much cultural diversity in the CR.
    I think there is nothing wrong with inter-racial relationships. Only problem I can potentially see is overcoming cultural differences. But of course it depends...
    If I picture average Czech parents whom their son/ daughter just introduced his/her partner from different race, I guess the parents would be surprised first. The odds of having such a partner in the CR are not very high. But after getting to know this partner... my guess is that the parents' main concern would be the partner's culture and life-style, not the skin color/race.
    On more basic level... I PERSONALLY believe that there is still a mix of not knowing, fear and prejudice against people from a different race among some people in the CR - not all of them but definitelly some of them. But I also strongly believe (and hope) it's only a temporary thing. This country was isolated from different cultures for years and that's how I explain to myself why Czechs are still not very open to new cultures and people that are not the same as them.
    I know this is a generalization. There are lots of especially young people who are not afraid of new cultures, they're even eager to get to know these cultures and people from there.
    But to close it up and tell you where I stand..... dating a girl from a different race... why not?... as long as we get along culturally... and I think my friends wouldn't have any problems with it...
  8. sunofabeach

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    Right now i´m dating this girl from CR who is working in my country and we are both very happy with our relationship here, but the fact is that she doesn´t know how to handle the situation with her parents because everyone in her family has Slavic Roots and im from Latinamerica.

    I have a friend from India who also have a girlfriend in CR and meeting the parents was not so easy, he found some problems not because of the skin color but because of Cultural differences like Religion, which is not a strong subject among youth, but parents... you know, mine are the same with religion.

    SO i guess it depends on the person, young people are changing, take your chances and go off, Interracial relationships don´t provide only cultural enrichment, you´ll have a great time.
  9. hyposmurf

    hyposmurf Member

    Im another with a Czech gfriend!Im of Irish decent and have no problems with the people in Czech when I visit the country.Czech people seem to be more genuine and dont seem to walk around with fake smiles onn their face all day,ike the English. :) .Learning different cultures and customs is really interesting,so many people are anti everything that is diffferent,theres alot to earn from mixing with other cultures.
  10. hockeygirl_leafs07

    hockeygirl_leafs07 Active Member

    I think he meant if there is a person of a different "race" like African, Asian, Hispanic, not another European, dating a Czech.
  11. Speed

    Speed Member

    Interesting answers.

    Am curious to hear Jiri elobrate on his answer though.

    There are quite a few people visiting this thread, but very few are replying - it sure would be fun to hear people who have no qualms about interracial dating, and even more interesting to hear those who do :!:

    So, friends if you have read through all these posts, I would be delighted if you hit on that reply button and give us a piece of your mind. :p
  12. ashe

    ashe Member

    I'd love to hear some oppinions. so someone from czech give an answer!
  13. bellisima

    bellisima New Member

    OK. I'm a 100% Czech girl (curently living and studying in US). I lived absolute most of my life in Czech Republic. My opinion is, that it truly depends on the individual. For example, I've always been adventurous and would be happy to date somebody from a different country (culture). It would make me feel special to have a boyfriend from a different country, while most of my girlfriends would date "just" Czech guys. I think it is wonderful to date people from of different nationalities, we have so much to learn from each other!! The only problem I can see is the language barrier... even though most young Czech people do speak English, it might not always be on that level which would make that person comfortable....
    hope this helps :?
    My only advice would be: Go for it!! 8) You'll never find out how Czech people are if you don't try!! :wink:
  14. ashe

    ashe Member

    yeah i can see the language barrier. But other than that it seems cool. thanks for replying.
  15. Eva2

    Eva2 Well-Known Member

    I think the problem would be not with the color of skin but with that person's social and religious values. Czechs are rather pragmatic, down-to-earth people. I don't think you'd find many willing to accept foreign religious practices or the idea of unquestionable male superiority. However, unlike in other cultures--for instance India--Czech parents would never reject a child who marries into another religion.

  16. Sova

    Sova Well-Known Member

    Believe it or not, I know an Hindu from India who's happily married to a Muslim from Trinidad and Tobago, and their parents are cool with it. It's not the norm, of course, but things are changing (slowly, but surely).

    Bellisima, you're also forgetting the cultural barrier. If a cross-cultural couple don't understand one another's cultural upbringing, there can and most likely will be added stress in the relationship. Of course, it can still be overcome, just as the language barrier, and will be very enriching to both parties, but the cultural barrier must be treated differently. Case in point: an American friend of mine married a Czech girl and brought her over to the U.S. to live with him. He'd been in the Czech Republic, but she hadn't ever been to the U.S. I heard that on her first solo shopping experience here, she almost got arrested in a grocery store for putting items into her bag inside the store (which of course is perfectly fine in the C.R., but is a no-no here in the U.S.). :oops: Of course, when race differences are involved, add social pressures to the list.
  17. bellisima

    bellisima New Member

    Dear Sova,
    I agree with you on many things, but I have never heard of Czech people shopping into their own bags in Czech Republic?! That would be stealing as anywhere else......if I understand right what you are saying.
  18. Halef

    Halef Well-Known Member

    I must support Sova - shopping into bags is often alright, especially in small towns and shops. I personally do it sometimes in our local shop.

    Even the supermarket detectives can not stop you if you put items into your bag or even your pocket. They have to wait, if you present the items at the cash desk - if you do, everything is alright.
  19. Bohaemus

    Bohaemus Well-Known Member

    Sova ironically meant that stealing is common in the C.R.
    (BTW, Wynona Ryder had a similar problem with shoplifting.)

    To make an admission of guilt is a mitigating circumstance. :wink:
  20. Halef

    Halef Well-Known Member

    I only understand "to make" and "is" :)

    But what I said is true, whether Sova was ironical or not.

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