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Discussion in 'Make a Connection' started by tropix, Aug 3, 2008.

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    Hi whoever may be reading this, thank you for the interest.
    I am a middle age Australian male about to travel to the Czech Republic. Just need to tidy up some personal business in Oz before I can make the final arrangements.
    I would like to meet people who I can get some info from, learn bits of the local language, and hopefully develope a certain type of frienship that could have us getting together in Europe.
    I am quite young at heart and have no fears of travelling on my own and trying to meet people. I still enjoy clubbing, pubs, sport, and general sightseeing. That all sounds sooo stupid/typical. I suppose I am trying to convey that I am a very flexible, friendly, and experimental type person who is not neccessarily looking for the same type of person but more so someone with whom I can talk about travel experiences with. Czech person would be nice but not a must.
    I actually find something challenging about meeting someone for the first time in a strange country and then travelling to a mutual destination together. Please dont take me too serious and try to understand that I am all about having a good time and meeting people.
    Not looking for romance.......just a companion to talk during flights with :)
    Would be nice to hear from anyone interested. Lifes too short and the worlds too small to be stuck at home!!!!
    Take care
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    Gidday mate
    my name is Hayden im a NZL living in Czech Republic in a place called Frydik-Mistek its not to far from Ostrava if you ever get this far from Pargue give me a call .email[/quote]

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