average wages in Czech Republic

Discussion in 'Business' started by vladimir, Dec 24, 2008.

  1. vladimir

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    Just wanted to get a rough idea of what the wages are for some various basic jobs.

    Also, I have been thinking of adding a telephone person to my business for gathering data, and was wondering if the Czech Republic would be a good place to outsource this kind of work. (I'm in the US).
  2. MK

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    Average monthly wage is app CZK 22.000 + app. 1/3 of it for compulsory insurances.

    Real (non-statistical) monthly wage vary. It depends on region ( Prague avg wage is above CZ avg, Central Bohemia is on average, rest of country is under country average) and also on kind of job ( IT and financial services are among jobs with highest rates).

    I think you plan to employ one or few employees in CZ hence it will be better for you to establish business-to-business relationship either with small company or self employed people. In this case you do not need to mess with such things like tax, insurances and employment law which are in Europe far more complicated than in US.

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