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  1. em44

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    can anyone out there give information about a Baron Caslav? and also what possible connection he or his family could have with Wales,U.K.?
    specifically with the family surname Williams.
    One of my cousins has had a very odd enquiery out of the blue regarding this person.
    I would be grateful for any information.
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  3. em44

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    It would seem that my cousin has resolved the source of the Caslav mystery, he now claims to have inherited the title in full. From what authority or establishment he received this title remains somewhat vague. I also discovered that Caslav was an area in 'Bohemia' I have now given up all interest in the matter as I regard it as nothing more than a fantasy concocted by some infantile relative. :oops: But many thanks Karel for your reply
  4. eso

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    You could be also interested in fact, that all titles of nobility was annulled by Czech law in 1918.
  5. em44

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    Thank you eso
    It would be so much better for all here also if all such titles were abolished. They keep a nation rooted in the past.
  6. wer

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    That’s ridiculous claim.

    Since 1264, the title of the only Lord of Čáslav was King of Bohemia. And there were no barons before 1264.
  7. em44

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    Thanks Wer.
    yes it is a silly enterprise that this cousin of mine started. He is also in the Knights Templar I understand, another ancient body.
    perhaps he needs such 'badges' for his own reasons.I have now 'washed my hands' of the whole thing'
    thank you for your interest.

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