Battle of Slavkov (Austerlitz)

Discussion in 'Culture' started by wer, Dec 1, 2005.

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    In the Battle of Slavkov (2 December 1805 = 200 years ago), part of the Napoleonic Wars against the Third Coalition, a French army of approximately 68,000 troops under Napoleon's command decisively defeated a joint Russo-Austrian army of over 89,000 troops, commanded by Russian General Kutuzov and Austrian General von Weyrother.

    This Saturday there is reconstruction of this battle. See .
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    Even the news on Spanish TV gave this a minute. Looks frosty out there. Did nature cooperate with fog as in the original battle or were there some fog machines helping out? I've been wondering though, since when do Europeans do battle re-enactments? Maybe they always have and I've just never noticed, but it's always seemed more like an American thing to me.
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    Yeah, I too heard about the reenactment of the Austerlitz battle on Italian TV yesterday. I just felt sooo ignorant, as I was miles away to imagine Austerlitz was in CR! :oops:
    Is there anyone who was there and would like to report their impressions?
    Highly appreciated! :)

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