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  1. anu

    anu Well-Known Member

    when you give to a beggar in prague, how much do you usually give?
  2. Katty

    Katty Active Member

    well I usually dont give anything to beggars, but I think that if you want to give them something its normal to give about 5, 10 or 20 crowns.
  3. magan

    magan Well-Known Member

    Nothing. Do not encourage that activity. They are usually from other countries coming to Prague because of tourists. We don't need more of them coming.

    However, if you see an old woman selling flowers from her garden buy some. She is usually located outside of Pankrac Metro station on side of the market. She is also not Czech, I think she is Polish or Ukrainen, but at least she is honest. People sell Snowdrops or Violets in the Spring on the corners and I also buy those. I do support "private enterprise" but not begging.

    There is also blind girl in the underground sometimes and she plays beautiful folk Czech tunes on some picollo like instrument. I also give. She is genuine.

    Sometimes when I see an old woman on the street and see she is "poor" like many pensioners are, I pretend she lost 50 or 100 Kc bill on the street, run after her and argue with her that it is hers that I have seen it drop on the sidewalk from her packet and make her take it. Then I imagine how my grandma would be happy if something like that would happen to her. My grandma is not with us anymore, but it makes me to remember pull this trick, you really have to speak Czech don't want to insult people by just giving them money.
  4. evian

    evian Well-Known Member

    I like very much, the way you look at these unfortunate situations. :) I could learn a lot from you, I often become very passive when confronted with these types of situations. Just some more questions; on a general basis, are beggars in Prague aggresive when trying to obtain money from you? Can they ever be dangerous? Where do most of the non-czech beggars come from?
  5. anu

    anu Well-Known Member

    beggars (and punks) here are not aggressive and many of them speak czech. of course there are different reasons why someone is begging, but i think its never fun to beg nor to live on the streets and its somehow sick, all this people with their money and the shops and restaurants etc. and then i should not give ten crowns to a beggar because it would "encourage this activity"... i dont know...
  6. SMZ

    SMZ Well-Known Member

    I think part of the issue here is why someone is begging to begin with.

    Here in the US there are people who "manage" entire groups of "beggars" and these begging folk are not doing this "work" because they have no other options, but because they choose to.

    On the other side of the coin are people who are truly in need, but it's not clear into which group someone might fall if you see them begging on the streets.

  7. chazzauk

    chazzauk Active Member

    just got back from prague. My second trip in a year. The main change I noticed over the few months since I was last there was that there almost 3 times more beggars, many of them seemingly not czech, but from other regions. There were also more beggars that apporached you in the street. My main issue is that if I want to give to the beggars then I will I am not likely to give to those who feel the need to approach people, as some may find this intimidating. My other point is that one beggar approached me twice within the hour asking for 10Kc for some coffee, only to find him around the corner with a hand full of notes, buying beer in a bar. These people turn people against the genuine czech beggars.

    As well as this there were six people in four days that offered me drugs in old town square. Although, this may be natural in some areas, this did not take place when on my first visit.

    The beggars approaching people and offering of drugs takes place mostly on old town square, where there is a visible police presence, however, the police seemed happy to ignore this and let it happen.

    This aside, however, it was a great trip and the beggars will not stop me from going back.
  8. Qcumber

    Qcumber Well-Known Member

    I never give a cent to a beggar: they are professional mendicants who tour Europe and live on the gullibility of naive folks. Don't give them anything. It's like feeding rats or pigeons. Those who give them money help increase their number.

    The genuine poor are too ashamed and proud to beg. They go to charities. If you want to give money, give it to a charity.
  9. evian

    evian Well-Known Member

    That is very true.
  10. anu

    anu Well-Known Member

    just relax a little, qcumber, relax...
  11. Qcumber

    Qcumber Well-Known Member

    Anu, my nickname is antinomous. :lol:
  12. anu

    anu Well-Known Member

    qcumber, i don't know, what antinomous means. :roll:
  13. Jana

    Jana Well-Known Member

    Probably, it should be antonymous or antonymic.
  14. Qcumber

    Qcumber Well-Known Member

    You are right Jana. I should have written _antinomic_. :)

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