Best film?

Discussion in 'Movies, Music & Media' started by Ian, Jun 20, 2004.

  1. Ian

    Ian New Member

    Got to be Obecna Skola (sorry, no accents on my keyboard :? ) aka The Elementary School. It is SO nostalgic for an era I didn't know but wish I did!
    It is a great movie, up there with Cinema Paradiso, I really think that the European film industry is consistently turning out far better material than America, and has been for many years now. It is sadly blighted by the problem of language, and as such fails to hit large audiences. At least with the growth of the internet many of these films are now becoming available to their fans.
  2. Eva2

    Eva2 Well-Known Member

    There is another Czech movie that I would recommend: "Autumn Spring" (Babi leto). It's a delightful story of an old couple on the brink of divorce.
  3. Ian

    Ian New Member

    Thanks, I'll keep a look out for that one! :D
    If I could qualify one comment I made, When I say 'The Elementary School' is blighted by language, I did of course mean FOREIGN language rather than BAD language, appart from a small amount of schoolboy style 'cussin', it is a film I would happily let my kids watch! At least it is subtitled rather than dubbed, I have a real hatred of dub!!!! :(
  4. Eva2

    Eva2 Well-Known Member

    So do I! Imagine a dubbed Italian movie - half of the fun gone!
  5. Ian

    Ian New Member

    :D LOL at the very idea!
    ..... Still, if the Italians had to keep their arms still you wouldn't know what they where talking about! <grin>
  6. maniacjwu

    maniacjwu New Member

    Best film. READ:
    Nuda v Brne (Boredom in Brno)
  7. Daniela Paola

    Daniela Paola Member

    I am looking forward to see this movie, I have it at home, and I can't watch it yet, my cd rom is broken, also my computer :cry:
    At least I listened its music, and it was GREAT.
  8. Frank_pivo_4

    Frank_pivo_4 Well-Known Member

  9. Halef

    Halef Well-Known Member

    Dobří holubi se vracejí. It was in fact filmed in 1988, and Eva Vejmělková is just 35 now. Still "pretty hot" :)
  10. Frank_pivo_4

    Frank_pivo_4 Well-Known Member

  11. Emperor

    Emperor Member

    Cesta z mesta is one of my favorite films.
  12. tuzemski

    tuzemski Active Member

    Yes and they're on again. The forgotten one is Par fasek (slap)
  13. KJP

    KJP Well-Known Member

    Best Czech movie? Hands down Kolya....still

    Best TV series: Bylo nas pet, but now, Josef a Le is taking over :}}}
  14. Dana

    Dana Well-Known Member

    Postřižiny (Cutting It Short) from 1980! Not the best movie ever, but a great Czech classic. Just saw Nuda v Brně (Bored / Boredom in Brno) and really liked it. Some other Czech movies that I think stand out: Jízda (The Ride), Kolja, Tmavomodrý svět (Dark Blue World), Želary.

    I'd say that may be true if we compare the ratio between good and bad movies produced in the U.S. versus Europe. Otherwise there's actually a good number of American movies that I consider amazing and top quality, like American Beauty, Traffic, The Usual Suspects, Before Sunset and many more.
  15. uuspoiss

    uuspoiss Well-Known Member

    I cannot say that I've seen too many Czech movies, but my absolute favourite is Rok ďábla by Petr Zelenka. Unbelievable! I also liked Český sen a lot, not so much for the movie itself, but for the original idea behind it.

    Dana, you have a very good taste in US movies :)
  16. tuzemski

    tuzemski Active Member

    a good one (sorry if I don't get the name right) leto po psa or something like that
  17. Dana

    Dana Well-Known Member

    Báječná léta pod psa (Wonderful Years That Sucked). I haven't seen the film, but I LOVED the book!
  18. babicka

    babicka Well-Known Member

    I wish they would show some good Czech films on British television, like some of the ones you have mentioned so far. Instead they are giving a false impression of Czech films. On the rare occasion that I see a Czech film advertised in the TV programmes, I think great, I must watch that, and then end up being totally disappointed after watching it.
  19. Malnik

    Malnik Well-Known Member

    I would love to watch some Czech movies. Are they available on DVD with english subtitles. The poms and yanks put Czech subtitles on some, so do you do it for us?

  20. Halef

    Halef Well-Known Member

    Definitely yes. Most Czech DVDs have English subtitles, if they do not, it is usually some old fairy tale.

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