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    As far as I can see, Yvan, those are all just about how Sue Ryder Homes set up their web site. :? I can't see any mention of the book fair.
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    Meridianova, you are right.
    But they've just changed it recently.
    On Thursday 5.3. the info was at the web.

    I think that they hope to have the new web since Monday 9.3.
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    There is the new web : ... bazar.html
    Google translation : ... n&ie=UTF-8

    I've been there and they have couple of hundreds books in English at the prices :
    used paperback - 20 Kc
    new paperback - 40 Kc
    special book - 60 Kc

    I bought :
    1. The Last Manchu (The Autobiography of Henry Pu Yi, Last Emperor of China) - 20 Kc
    2. Milan Kundera : Laughable Loves - 40 Kc
    3. Tales of a Chinese Grandmother - 40 Kc
    4. Isobelle Carmody : Obernewyll (a fantasy book from the Australian writter living in Prague) - 40 Kc

    By buying of giving books you are supporting Sue Ryder Charity taking care of eldery people.

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