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    I would like some help please my son has been going out with a girl from Czech republic for over a year now as her birthday is near could some one please tell me how you would celebrate this as I would like to bring some of her culture to her.

    thank you for any help
  2. kickatat88

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    i went to one birthday party when i was in prague and what they did was each person brought like a snack food and then when they gave the gift they would take turns saying things about how wonderful it is to have them around you know the normal compliment other that that the only other custom is alcohol but i am not sure so much on that kind of thing maybe do like sparkeling cider and in czech when they say cheers the say nazdravi so keep that in mind i will find out how to say happy birthday and i will let you know.

    i am sorry i cant help much more as i have not been there very long i just reconnected with some old friends there
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    Hate to disappoint you, but Czech birthday celebrations are pretty much the same as American or British ones :) A gift, a cake, a nice dinner in or out....

    Now - if you want to make a good impression - find out when her name day is and surprise her with flowers/gift on THAT day!
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    if you would like a recipe for a czech dish let me know i know a few and where to find all ingrediants
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    thanks for the replies, i would like a recipe then i can have a go and surprise her on her day
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    Chebičky is a normal party food and quite easy to make. It's sliced french roll topped with a thin layer of potato salad, a thin slice of ham, a slice of boiled egg, a slice of pickle and parsley. Of course there are several variations but that seems to be the most popular amongst my Czech friends. Here's other variations:

  7. kickatat88

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    my favorite is smazney syr or smazney kvetak its very simple all you do is deep fry either a 1/4 in cheese or small pieces of cauliflower..... just mix like two eggs a dash of milk and das hof flour as the base bread with bread crumb or baking corn flakes i prefer bread crumb then fry in vegitable oil if you do the cauliflower make sure to boil it till its soft enough to fall off the fork when you try to remove it from the water before the breading process. these are two very popular dishes with college crowd but loved by most anyway
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    It is one side of the truth. Other one is that regardless how tasty they are it is very hard to eat them. (Especially that ones with egg) Everybody who got messed his/her party dress will understand. :D

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