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Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by bozal, Jun 25, 2006.

  1. bozal

    bozal New Member

    Hello, i am planning to visit this beautiful country soon, and i would like to know, as a black male, where are some good places to meet people, specifically women, and how is the enviroment there for blacks ? i am not insinuating that the place is discriminatory, i am just curious. thank you.
  2. Matej_CZ

    Matej_CZ Member

    There are not many black people in Czech Republic, and most of them are tourists. So the attitude of Czechs towards black people is very neutral, I think. Maybe if you will go somewhere outside Prague, you can become attraction. There are some black students from Botswana who study medicine there in English (it's a project of their government aimed on cutting cost of education for their people - the quality of medical education in CR is very high and the studying cost much less than for example in United Kingdom). On the other hand, in the center of Prague a groups of "gangsta" style black men emerged in last years, especially on Vaclavske square. Sometimes they work as brothel inviters but mostly they do "nothing" (probably selling drugs), so the picture of black people is getting worse between these who live or work in the city center. But as I said, there is definitely not a widespread negative attitude towards black people between Czechs. The exception are skinheads, but these are everywhere in the world (at least Europe and America).

    And the women - I don't know if I understand you well. If you mean black women, I can't help you, as I said, they are almost non-existent in CR. If you mean Czech women (= you're another one from big group of foreigners seeking for Czech girls who, as these people think, are nicer, looks better and who will love anyone with the T-Shirt "I'm American/from UK, who wants to touch me?"), I think you can meet them anywhere but maybe they will not be as you were thinking.
  3. GlennInFlorida

    GlennInFlorida Well-Known Member

    The last time I visited Prague (last fall), one of my traveling companions was black. I can tell you that he was treated absolutely the same as any of us. He had a great time and plans to return.
  4. bozal

    bozal New Member

    matej, if i offended you, i apologize.
  5. Matej_CZ

    Matej_CZ Member

    "matej, if i offended you, i apologize."

    No, why? If you mean the girls/women, it's normal. And I can tell you one thing about Czechs: I't very hard to offend someone here. While for Czechs is uncommon to use strongly positive words (for example exciting, amazing, which have Czech equivalent but Czechs are very restrained in their use - some might think you're stupid or superficial if you will use them in too ordinary situations (like "I'm very excited about..." is almost impossible to use in Czech unless it have sexual context or you're speaking about airplane disaster or some very strong experiences)), it's quite normal to say your friend that he is idiot or stupid and mean it friendly.

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