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  1. ceskyank

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    My great grandfather was born in Cleveland, Ohio of Czech parents in 1869. Presumably, his parents came from Bohemia just prior to that. Any suggestons on where to start?
    Tom Blaha
    Ohio, USA
  2. Sova

    Sova Well-Known Member

    Try to narrow your search to a particular region or city in the Czech Republic to start with. Perhaps you might try finding where your great-great grandparents were buried, or looking in the Census records, naturalization records, birth certificate for your grandfather. There are many ways one can potentially find this information in the U.S. Oh, and ask other family members (cousins, second cousins, etc.)--perhaps they may have this info. Once you have the city/region, your search in the C.R. will be orders of magnitude easier.
  3. jblaha

    jblaha New Member

    I'm a Blaha! Where's all your family from?
  4. Ferdík

    Ferdík Member

    I descend from Veronika BLEHOVÁ (from Veselice), daughter of Karel BLEHA and Josefa Hüttlová.
  5. Karel Fous

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    Try find parents o your g-grandfather in passanger's list at Also is possible look at data of US census.
    For Bohemia is important know where your ancestor came from, where he was born.
    Karel :)

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