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    My ancestors arrived in Texas in 1880. I'm looking of their parent's name so I was wondering if there is an online database to search for birth records or census for Bohemia.

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    There isn't any online database for Bohemian censuses or birth records that I'm aware of. If you know the town your ancestors came from, it's probably your best bet to try to contact the local parish or city hall. If you know this data, perhaps we can help you find the contact information.
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    In your search keep in mind that Czechoslovakia (1st Republic) was not established as an independent country until May 1919 -- hence, most of those born in the Bohemia, Moravia Slovakia region before that date actualy have no birth certiifcates, and were registered in the churches -- most censuses were takem for "taxation" purposes, and those were divided ethincally voluntarily, and were allowed to"claim" the ethnicity of their own choosing. ie.. Bohemian, Moravian, Slovak, Hungarian, German etc... Furthermore, the village/town/city claimed on the birth record, is not where you wil find the record, but rahter you must find the "domovska prislusnost" (ancestoral home town) of the family for the records.. To further complicate the search, if your ancestors happen to have been Jewish originaly and coneverted to christianity or had the funds to purchase a "deportation excemtion" (Article 192 in the Czech & Slovak protectorate during WWII''-- Like today, they were two separate counties Czechoslovakia ceased to exist between 1939 and 1945) you then may find the "great book", but the page were their name was recorded more that likely will be MISSING!..Good Luck, I hope this will help you some during your search
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    Yep, it is. But only for Prague. But capital is capital, right?

    Conscriptions ( 1850 – 1914 ) – Applications for Residence Permit of Prague Police Headquarters

    May 1919? :shock:
    You underestimate the vitality of the K.u.K red tape. :wink:
    The bureaucracy is said to be the most important sector of the K.u.K economy. :twisted:
    Yep, and the Catholic Church was incorporated into the state administrative keeping even the records of some non-catholics.
    for military purpose first of all
    The Austrian and Hungarian administrative were independent and quite different. Don’t mix it.

    The distinction of nationalities in the Austrian part was based on the primar language as voluntarily stated by the individual.

    The Hungarian approach was nothing but a chauvinism. They did deny the mere existence of Slovaks.

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