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    What was the earliest Bohemian census? How can I access it?
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    The first census in meaning census was in 1869. Before they was various registries, mostely because property or tax matters. The first "census" was in 1651 - registry of serfs by proffesion, 1654 - registry of property for impost. Several census of Jews since 1618, the most importatnt 1793. But the census from 1869 (and later every decade) had all information for genealogist - name, date and place of birth, occupation, husband/wife, children, place of living.
    Karel :)
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    I'm new to this posting board, and I am very happy I found it. I have hit a dead end in searching for my family before they came to the United States. What information I have is what follows:

    Father Name: Frank/Francis/Frantz Miller (born Nov 1849, I think)
    Wife Name: Bertha/Albertina Miller (nee Linka) (born Oct 1855, I think)
    Religion: Catholic
    Came to USA: ~ 1892
    Town I believe they came from: Schlan (now Slany)
    Children that came with them to the USA:
    - Frank/Frances/Frantz Joseph (born 17 Oct 1875)
    - Albert John (born 25 Dec 1878
    - Joseph Miller (born Jan 1882)
    - Gustave Henry (born 26 Mar 1888)
    - Anna (born June 1889)
    - Mary (born Jan 1892)

    Can you recommend the best approach to looking for information on these people? Thanks so much for your help
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    I went to the Czech Statistical Office web, however, since my reading Czech is not very good, I was unable to get any information. Is there a site that is in English?
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    If you look at that site the top right has a CSU link, click on and then it turns into an ENGLISH option button and everything gets translated for you. Hope it helps.

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