Book Recommendation: Culture Shock! Czech Republic

Discussion in 'Culture' started by My Czech Republic, Jan 7, 2005.

  1. brigitte

    brigitte Well-Known Member

    I'm going to have a look for the new edition in the next few days, give me a break from Christmas stuff!! :wink:
  2. brook

    brook Well-Known Member

    Wonderful book! I bought it before I moved to Brno several years ago and I loved it. Right before moving back to the states, I "discovered" it again and had a good laugh. I still had all sorts of misunderstandings while there, but at least I was a little prepared. :)
  3. Adgie

    Adgie Member

    When I was in Prague last October (2005) I purchased a book called “The Czechs in a Nutshell – A User’s Manual for Foreigners” by Terje B. Englund. He is a Norwegian journalist who has been based in Prague since in 1993 and writes on Czech and Slovak affairs. I found it very interesting and two of my Czech friends (one from Opava, one from Studénka) have commented that it gives a very good representation of Czechs and their culture. It also contains references to key historical events in the Czech lands history. Worth a read.

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