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  1. Balashi

    Balashi New Member

    Anybody interested in Czech novels, children's books and academic books? I have numerous books in Czech for sale. The books would be sent from Wisconsin, USA. These books are also available through my account. Just enter author or title for a search.

    Lajos B000N8NEK2 0205F803374 Zlaty Most

    Panova B000N8OUJ6 0205L628029 Jasny Breh

    Rezac B000N8ND62 0205R666698 Kluci, Hura za Nim!

    staroveky Rim czech B000N8GPA8 0205F270322
    Staroveky Rim [Hardcover] by citanka k dejinam staroveku nyiro czech B000N8GOXQ 0205J514848

    Bence Uz [Hardcover] by Jozsef Nyiro
    French B000J2D8X0 0205B945125 Czech Poetry [Paperback] by Alfred French; Rene Wellek

    krupka czech B000N8GNP0 0205T530241 Mat Kralovne [Hardcover] by Jiri S. Kupka

    hrbek B000N8F7MK 0205A040194 Dobrodruzstvi Na Cerne Rece [Hardcover] by Rudolf Hrbek

    kastner (czech) B000N8GLIY 0205W980861 Emil a detektivi [Hardcover] by Erich Kastner; Lubomir Kellenberger; Melichar

    Dumas (czech) B000NRZ4V0 0226F966694 Hrabe De Monte Christo (volume 1 of 4) [Hardcover] by Alexander Dumas; St...

    Stanislav Lem (czech) B000NRXYXA 0226H151929 Pribehy Pilota Pirxe (klub ctenaru) [Hardcover] by Stanislaw Lem

    Tomin (in Czech) B000NRXYHG 0226H617631 Nepiste Tatovi

    Lindgrenova (czech book) B000NRXY7Q 0226L147453 Kalle Blomkvist Zasahuje

    diekmannova B000NRZ3MK 0226W443355 Cluny V Brakkeputu [Hardcover] by Miep Diekmann; Zdenek Filip; Olga Krijtova

    Jack London (in czech) B000NRXXQS 0226L847865 Martin Eden [Hardcover] by Jack London; A.J. Stastny

    Vachek B000N241UA 0129A430562 Dynamika Fonologickeho Systemu Soucasne Spisovne Cestiny [Hardcover] by Josef

    slosar, dusan B000N240Y2 0129J936634 Tisicileta [Hardcover] by Dusan Slosar; Jan Steklik

    Plicka, Karel B000GQ3QE0 0129T462180 VLTAVA. [Hardcover] by Plicka, Karel.

    selacek, czech book 8020001719 0129J352577 Strucná mluvnice srbocharvátstiny by Sedlácek,

    zdena palkova 8070668431 0129A313787 Fonetika a fonologie cestiny s obecným úvodem do problematiky oboru by Palkoko
  2. dzurisova

    dzurisova Well-Known Member

    For the children's books, could you tell me an approximate reading grade level?

    I figure my czech is probably at a 1st or 2nd grade reading level. Maybe the old "See Dick Run" but in Czech. I'm looking for books at that level.
  3. Balashi

    Balashi New Member


    Yes, I have some 1st and 2nd grade level books.

    One is by Jurij Tomin and is called Nepiste Tatovi--sorry I cannot do the accents on the letters. It has a lot of dialogue, short chapters, and fairly easy language.

    A children's book by Vaclav Rezac, called, Kluci, Huraza Nim! from 1961 also seems 1st to 2nd grade reading level (short, easy chapters). this book is well-worn.

    Another that might be suitable is a translation of Astrid Lindgren's Kalle Blomquist. In Czech, the book is called Kalle Blomkvist Zasahuje. It has beautiful black and white illustrations. An English translation read side by side would help you understand the Czech.

    A translation of German author Erich Kastner's, called Emil a detektivi is also a nice book. Again, an English translation is available.

    Miep Diekmannova (apparently a translation from the Dutch), called Cluny V Brakkeputu might also be a possibility.

    All the books mentioned were published in the 1960s. They are all in very good condition and have no inscriptions or marks. The Diekmannova and the Lindgrenova are in the best, like new condition.

    I hope this helps.

    Further, I think
  4. dzurisova

    dzurisova Well-Known Member

    Do you have a website where I could take a look at some of them and prices etc.?
  5. Balashi

    Balashi New Member


    these books are listed on by title but there are no pictures. Just do a search on their website. I included amazon-assigned codes in my previous posting. These books don't have ISBNs. (I dabble in collecting/selling rare foreign language books but I'm not a professional bookseller).

    Prices would be negotiable. The pricing structure on is somewhat different given the rare book ranking and commissions that takes. If I sell them without the amazon website, I don't have to pay their fees and can offer them at a 30% discount.

    Individually, the Czech books I have listed on amazon. com, depending on condition and antique value, range from $20 to $39. I usually do a bit of research and find out what the books are worth and how much it would cost (including shipping) to buy them overseas, etc.

    If you are seriously interested in one or several of the children's books, we can negotiate a fair price. The shipping fee would be a flat, cost-recovery fee of $5.00 per book (priority mail).

    All the Czech books I have are from a retired professor I know.

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