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  1. gementricxs

    gementricxs Well-Known Member

    Part of the discussion about Borat can be found here

    What do you think about the movie if you've already seen it?
    As far as I know it already had premiere in US. Did you liked that movie? We still have to wait till the end of November to see the movie. :(

    I think I want to point out (after watching trailers and other videos from Borat's website) is that although he is Kazakh he says few sentences in Czech. The first one Jak se mas? and the second one is Dzekuji (=Děkuji)
  2. BMoody

    BMoody Well-Known Member

    I just saw it yesterday. It is Funny!!!!!!!!!!!! Be prepared for Jewish, Gypsy, racial, sexist, redneck, impoverished Kazakh, class, and religious jokes around every corner.

    Borat does use some Czech words like you said. No idea why???

    Be prepared for a long movie. It lasts for about 2 hours, and you laugh so hard that you sort of sink into your chair and just chuckle the whole rest of the film. Seeing it in an America theater, we probably had Jews, Muslims, blacks, Russians, rednecks, and hardcore Christians in there, and Ali G put jokes at them all. I found myself trying to hide and cover my laughter as a guilty pleasure. haha

    Like when Borat was going to see a lawyer he says "And now I go to see a real Chocolate Face" and then it shows a black lawyer. Everyone in the full theater just was like "OH SHI*! No he didn't!!!" and we all cracked up.
  3. dzurisova

    dzurisova Well-Known Member

    I noticed the Czech and wondered why. But I thought that maybe since Kazakhstan is so close to Russia, they probably speak a slovic language so perhaps Jak se mas is the same in Czech and Kazakh.
  4. Halef

    Halef Well-Known Member

    The guy who plays Borat is not even remotely a Kazakh. He is a British actor. So I guess he just picked up some phrases he liked from various Slavic languages, no matter where they come from.
  5. Jana

    Jana Well-Known Member

  6. dzurisova

    dzurisova Well-Known Member

    Ah ha, thanks for the clarification. I guess you all know what happens when one assumes. :wink:

    Well maybe you don't all know that since it's an English (American) joke. :lol:
  7. gementricxs

    gementricxs Well-Known Member

    I don't think I know it.
    (the joke dzurisovak mentioned)

    I wonder what the Czech subtitles will be. How his bad English will be translated to bad Czech.
  8. dzurisova

    dzurisova Well-Known Member

    The joke goes,

    Don't assume because you make an ass out of you and me.

    assume = ass u me.

    In other words, I was saying that I made an ass out of myself with that slovic language assumption. :wink:
  9. BMoody

    BMoody Well-Known Member

    He uses simple English and often times says the wrong words in coversations.

    For instance, he talks to a guy at the dinner table and ask what the guy does. He says he is "retired" but Borat hears "retarded." Borat then goes about complimenting the host on having such a good retarded guest.
  10. Dana

    Dana Well-Known Member

    I wrote about this on our blog recently - see Jagshemash. Borat's "Czech" was a mystery to me too until someone kindly offered an explanation. :) I wonder what you all think.

  11. BMoody

    BMoody Well-Known Member

    So Jagsemash is Polish? That is about baffling. It probably is to poke fun at Americans for not knowing the difference anyway. There are many subtle references to this in the movie.
  12. wissy

    wissy Well-Known Member

    I remember reading recently about ethnic Czechs being repatriated from Kazakhstan. Apparently there were Czechs settling there for some reason during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. I can't find the article at the moment. :roll: I think it was on the Radio Praha website.
    Does anyone know anything about this :?:
  13. wissy

    wissy Well-Known Member

  14. caulfield2

    caulfield2 Well-Known Member

    I thought the running time was closer to 80 minutes?

    At any rate, it wasn't a lawyer, it was former Republican presidential candidate Alan Keyes, who's a very conservative Christian.

    All of the Kazahk "village life" scenes were shot in Romania.

    And, of course, the actor is British, Jewish...35 years old, he's the gay French NASCAR driver in Talladega Nights with Will Ferrell, Sascha Baron Cohen.

    The one who looked the most ridiculous...and the most daring thing he did, was the rodeo scenes, the "patriotic" speech and then the "national anthem" which was of course, a mockery of Kazahkstan.

    The only one who looks dumb as result of this are the Americans portrayed in it, from all walks of life, unfortunately...but it was very funny, a political version of Jackass with more cutting humor intellectually.
  15. dzurisova

    dzurisova Well-Known Member

    I haven't seen the film so I apologize in advance if this seems like a stupid question. You say, "it was" Alen Keyes. Are you saying that Alen Keys made a guest appearance in this film? Or was it an actor portraying Alen Keyes?
  16. caulfield2

    caulfield2 Well-Known Member

    No, I'm saying Alan Keyes was ambushed and probably thought it was a legitimate interview by someone from Kazahstan instead of a "mock interview."

    All the subjects in the movie signed waivers, but that scene did seem legit to me....the funnier one to me was the one with former Congressman Bob Barr of Georgia.
  17. gypzy

    gypzy Well-Known Member

    I have the misfortune of living in a small town in the upper penninsula of Michigan. The nearest theater to me is 20 minutes away. I' am willing to drive 45 min to see this movie. Hopefully the theater near me will show it later. I tried calling them to speak with a real person, hah, so that I and others could request that they show it sometime. All I got was recording for showtimes. Unfortunately I will probably have to see it by myself since most of my friends are stuffed shirt middle-aged Republicans.
    I saw the premier on msn video: movies. The interviewer was asking him about his internet fans and he said that he has many internet fans. His youngest son has got 20 e-mails from an American, Mark Foley :lol: :lol: !
    See, Republicans can laugh.
    Thanks everyone for not giving away too much of the movie to those who have not seen it.
  18. caulfield2

    caulfield2 Well-Known Member

    They are broadening the number of screens showing the movie to over 2,000 this weekend, so perhaps you will be able to see it? Good luck!
  19. dzurisova

    dzurisova Well-Known Member

    Gypzi, come down state, Martin and I will go see it with you. Then there will be 3 republicans in the theatre. :wink:
  20. gypzy

    gypzy Well-Known Member


    Sounds like fun, except I'm probably stuck in the UP until Thxgiving or Christmas.

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