Brits In Prague!

Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by Dylan Thermos, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. Malnik

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    You can call me anything you want....just dont call me late for dinner.

  2. Dylan Thermos

    Dylan Thermos Member

    As I said in my earlier post I do not wish to debate politics, suffice to say Southern Ireland is a republic and Northern Ireland is part of the UK., as I said before!
    I can assure you that I do know about Dylan Thomas. Living in the same town and attending the same school (albeit some years later) I think I know quite a lot about him.(But far from everything)
    You are right when you say he was a drunk but then so are many other gifted artists.
    If Dylan was alive now he would be "Rock and Roll" in fact he was the origional rebel.
    I understand he spoke Welsh at home but preferred to write poetry in English so that his work could be read by a wider audience.
    As for changeing my avatar, no way, my name is copywrited because I write music under that name.
    If you go to and type in Dylan Thermos you will be able to see and hear my work there?
    I tried putting my web page here before and they deleted my post even though I was telling some people where to hear free music?
    Now that is strange, never mind lets hope that the mediator here reads and understands this post?
    As for DANA I have'nt a clue what you're on about???????
    Roll on Novenber 13th when I visit Prague.............Dylan(Wales)
  3. Dana

    Dana Well-Known Member

    What do you mean?

    As far as I know, the name Dana means 'the mother of the Gods in myths' in Danish or Swedish and 'a female judge' in Hebrew.
  4. mravenec

    mravenec Well-Known Member

    I haven't got a clue either, perhaps wandalandowska might like give us an explanation?
    Ah, maybe i have a clue by the way... is anyone trying to vdát Dana to someone?? (i suppose dana in kroatian might mean vdaná...) :lol:
  5. Dylan Thermos

    Dylan Thermos Member

    Dana was the name of the moderator who posted earlier.
    Sorry for the confusion but at the time it did not have anything to do with the theme of the actual post?.....we are only men and can think of one thing at a time?
    Still looking forward to my visit to Prague..........Dylan (Wales)
  6. frenchczech

    frenchczech Member

    Southern Ireland is a republic! and Britanny is not in uk! but we aren't a republic, :(. So all people are welcome here: decent and drunk english, ;), and the nice czech people and of course all celtic people! everyone is welcome!
    You can make stag party at Recouvrance at Brest, it's a place for that, ;)
  7. Zeisig

    Zeisig Well-Known Member

    Dylan, you have entirely omitted the Germanic tribes (Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Frisians,...), who settled the country in the 5th and 6th centuries and are known collectively as the Anglo-Saxons (England is named after the Angles).
  8. Dylan Thermos

    Dylan Thermos Member

    I said someone would tell me!!!!!!!............Still looking forward to my visit to Prague...........Dylan(Wales)
  9. I was not trying to say you didn't know about Dylan Thomas but I had heard he didn't know Welsh. This is a bit hard to pin down. The following is a quote taken from the BBC.

    "Dylan Thomas' parents were both speakers of the Welsh language and had strong links to Welsh cultures and customs, but brought up their children to speak only English. This was a carefully made decision: Uplands was a largely Anglicised area, and many other children born to Welsh speakers in the area were likewise brought up to speak only in English.

    Indeed, both Nancy and Dylan were sent to elocution lessons, to which the poet later attributed his 'cut-glass' accent.

    As a boy, Dylan almost exclusively knew the western suburbs of Swansea, particularly Cwmdonkin Drive and the nearby Cwmdonkin Park. But his childhood summers were mostly spent at Florence's sister Ann's dairy farm in Carmarthenshire. These holidays would later inspire the poem Fern Hill, published in 1946." :)
  10. Sova

    Sova Well-Known Member

    Cwmdonkin Drive?? Cwmdonkin Park?? Looks like the Welsh share the Czechs' aversion to vowels! :lol:
  11. Only Americans can be louder. But they are not drunk. They'll not shout 'I'll f**king kill that bastard!' but rather 'Wow, look at that building, it must be very old!'...[/quote]

    I am a US citizen and have traveled throughout my country. If one goes to the wrong places at the wrong time, noisy drunkeness can be encountered but one has to be seeking it.

    I know many Americans who appreciate Prague's beautiful buildings and speak in general highly of Prague's culture. They have been there. None of them are the sort to noisily announce they've been to Prague. They're professional people and they drink very little, if at all.

    Perhaps, some silly American tourists feel uncomfortable in a different place and they want to show they approve, so they do as you have said. The Brits I know don't binge or talk like guttersnipes. You may be correct in what you say, yet beware of stereotyping.
  12. Dylan Thermos

    Dylan Thermos Member

    In Wales there are many places with names that are very difficult to pronounce.
    It reminds me of the story of the American couple whom were travelling through North Wales and came to the village called:-

    Llanfairpwllgwngyllgogerychwyrndrobwillantysiliogogogoch.(it does exist honest)

    The lady said lets stop here it's such a long name for a village and I'm feeling hungry now.Her husband steered their hired car to a fast food outlet and they entered and then sat down.
    Not able to contain her curiosity the lady said to the waitress can you say the name of this place slowly for my husband and I.
    The waitress replied:-


    I could substitute Americans for any race but we were talking about loud Americans at this juncture.Hope I made you smile......Dylan(Wales)
  13. wissy

    wissy Well-Known Member

    Ha Ha He He!!!! :lol:

    Wissy. :wink:
  14. iluvuma1

    iluvuma1 Well-Known Member

    I see a lot of finger pointing at the authorities of Prague to control the prostitution/drunken stag parties. What hasn't been addressed is why all these young women feel they have to do this?

    In some ways it makes me glad to be in America where women are raised to not be objects. Where is the dignity of these girls?

    If Czech society wants to rid beautiful Prague of these ills address:

    1. lack of reasonable jobs for people who are employed in this thus eliminating the appeal of it
    2. enforcing fines/putting these people in jail (particularly the owners/pimps- whatever you want to call them

    It really is a detterant for people to want to visit from other countries who are interested in culture. LASTLY- Why do you think the drunk British guys are there? Well- because they can't do that in thier country- so they'll go to yours.
  15. mravenec

    mravenec Well-Known Member

    Wow, that's a pretty bold statement, have you ever watched MTV?? :roll:

    1. This is true for developing countries where prostitution is seen as the only way to earn a living. It is certainly not an occupation of choice in the Czech Republic. Unemployment is low in the Czech Republic, and lower still in Prague. Drug addiction is the main reason forcing Czech girls into prostitution. A large portion of prostitutes 'working' in the Czech Republic are from the Ukraine, Moldavia or other poor countries, where poverty is one cause (trafficing, forced prostitution is another).
    (If unemployment would be a cause in the Czech Republic, then prostitution would would be twice as high in neighbouring Poland, which has at least twice the rate of unemployment, according to your logic.)

    2. This usually drives this filthy trade underground which makes it even more difficult to control and put the girls in an even more vulnerable position. The US is an excellent example of this approach not working - the US jails more people than any other western country, still it consistently rates as the country with the highest crime-rates.

    Where there is demand there is supply.

    Prague is in no way characterised by sex clubs and prostitution. I've never noticed anything of this when i've been to Prague, but you'll find it if you go looking for it, just as anywhere else in the world from the US to Amman.

    The Stag Party Brits come first and foremost for cheep beer and getting pissed. Although every other young Brit talk about getting a shag each time they go to the night club, they're not scoring very often. :wink: :wink:
  16. mravenec

    mravenec Well-Known Member

    Of course you're right, on ne faut pas généraliser, but you never notice 9 out of 10 people, the tenth you notice is the one i was talking about. Generally, the Brits i know are friendly and likable, just as most people elsewhere in the world. :D

    And by the way, loud Americans tourist usually don't bother anyone as long as they don't feel silly themselves. :wink: 8)
  17. Malnik

    Malnik Well-Known Member

    Earth calling iluvuma.............

    I wasnt going to point out how rediculous that comment was....but i had to. Sorry.

    Wrong again. Unless you have spoken with each individual, you cant make generalisations like that.
    I haven't spoken to each one either, but i do know a few Czech girls (my wife knows them from college/uni), (Honest), who do this work and are quite happy with the money and power it gives them. If they worked in a shop and you were to ask them, they would say
    "working in Carrefour is not my occupation of choice" but we have to pay bills etc so its the only option. Everyone wants to be a millionaire.....we all have to do something.

    No matter where you go there is a sex district. Every Australian city has one, London has 1, well 2 actually so I'm sure it wont put the tourists off, in fact in Sydney and London its a "must see" location!!!

  18. iluvuma1

    iluvuma1 Well-Known Member


    It is indeed a person's choice of where they work- and if any of these women were to tell me they like what they do- I would say they were in denial of their true feelings. Many films/documentaries have been made showing the true nature of the profession. It demeans a woman, and prevents her from achieving higher pursuits. A prostitute is a prostitute for the rest of her life. She is not regarded as a respected individual. Its a label she will carry her whole life.
    This is an unregulated profession that doesn't protect the UNDERAGE victims that are swept in. Prostitution spreads disease. Its a fact. It sounds to me like you are probably one of the people that have enjoyed the services- and therefore will advocate it.
    I need to rephrase that while America is not perfect in any way- but its authorities condemn and prosecute prostitution. The Czech Republic would be better off if they did the same. (In my humble opinion.)
  19. mravenec

    mravenec Well-Known Member

    Condemnations abound in the Czech Republic just as well as in the US and i even think in the CR people are more direct and not trying to distort the real facts of the situation as seems to be the case in the US.
  20. Malnik

    Malnik Well-Known Member

    By who.......You???

    Perhaps people dont need or seek your aproval are like me and everyone else, a mere person.

    There is a terrible, terrible element of trafficing in young women. This is abhorrent. For those in the Uk there will be a disturbing programme on Channel 4 on Sunday evening about this, followed on Monday and Tuesday by a drama based on a real story. This is not just a 'man' problem, there are women involved in tricking young girls to go with them, thinking women are safe.
    I have seen the programmes and they WILL make you think. Horrific. Sad. Somewhat emotional in places.

    Your comments about me and my use of prostitutes is not worth answering.


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