Bus Travel in the Czech Republic

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    The public transportation system in CR is amazingly effficient at a reasonable price (about 100Kc for 100Km average) --1 Krown for a Kilck -and you get to see the most beatufull country side immaginable (with no annoying kickidy kalp of the RR). RR travel is also a bit more expensive and often you need to transfer more frequently to reach your destination.

    Also, at the bus terminals they can provide you with a print out of your intierary for the specific day of travel-- arrival and departure times, transfer points, wating time for connection and bus stop number-- This service can also be used for "future" travel planning , providing you specify dates and time. Amazingly, the buses are on time or even 5-10 minutes early.. Great service, and a great way to see the Republic. Even the small out of the way villages, but avoid traveling on Friday afternoons if possible, this is when most working people travel for week end visit home. The buses are mostly full, and satnding room only :lol:


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