Bush and U.S. Foreign Policy

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by usak, Apr 1, 2005.

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  1. KJP

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    your not beating me, your just trying to

    Yes I am a vet, and no you dont know me nor respect me

    You plight against Bush will go as far as this forum and no further, remember, if you havent the clearance and the need to know, you stay in the dark w/others of "opinions"

    Ursula Honey, stop milking the pigs and get in front of that box, 18 pages of opinionated foreign policy from those that never studied it is warrenting the llamas again, even though they are AMERICAN llamas, which means they spit and fight a lot.... :lol:

    I have a new screen name called ILOVECZECH, I use it like sarcasim, like the rest of my life, I wear it like a burden on my shoulders, and spew forth distain for those whose country I reside in....naw, just thought I'd scramble my IP address in case I get banned! You have officially been Bushwacked, God I hate that guy....
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  3. KJP

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    Now THAT was funny! I have a better mpeg, unfortunetly not here in the office, but will upload tonight...I have a new found respect for you
  4. My Czech Republic

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    Based on popular demand and considering the fact that the original discussion has veered off course and become a little too personal, we think it is time to lock this thread.
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