Bush and U.S. Foreign Policy

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by usak, Apr 1, 2005.

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  1. KJP

    KJP Well-Known Member

    he never ask to prove where the gas came from...

    love it or leave it is a saying that we Americans have known for decades, so I assume u r not...

    you didnt see where he was asked? It is because you are not a native speaker? I asked him if he served...and no not wine!

    yes, there is something wrong with criminal behavior!

    Yes, the status of my service was asked, I said I would provide a DD214, he failed to answer after that...
  2. whatgives

    whatgives Member

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't recall anyone here defending Saddam. The issue at hand is the U.S.'s foreign policy.
    Undeniably, it would appear that certain conditions have improved, poverty, however, does not appear to be one of them. If anything, it appears to be worse than before.
    North Korea has already openly stated it has and/or is developing nukes, but what has been done about it to date? How come the U.S. hasn't already bombed that big, bad Commie threat??
  3. idemtidem

    idemtidem Well-Known Member

    He didn't ask you to prove where it came from - no, but he asked you to question it - yes:

    This discussion, however, is becoming less of a discussion about the US foreign policy and more of an analysis of KJP's posts :roll:
  4. KJP

    KJP Well-Known Member

    by the unqualified, those that never served, and have strong anti american feelings...

    Most I speculate can be found at each WTO meeting outside with a banner and a joint...

    As I mentioned, I disagreed with the war and didnt vote for him
  5. hint

    hint Member

    did i say something that would look like im defending Saddam ? dont think so, try to read carefully next time. My opinion was that its good that hes gone but it was done the bad way leaving the country in a state of civil war and its looking that US is slowly pulling out turning it into a second Vietnam.

    to your nuke comment: if Israel is having nukes so why cant his neighbours have ?

    In case of North Korea its already a blinded eye, nobody is threatening them to stop developing
  6. ursula

    ursula Well-Known Member

    i wouldnt mind a joint every now and then
    and how do we know? other than the sayings of the government and they have been known to lie when it suits them!!!!!!!
  7. idemtidem

    idemtidem Well-Known Member

    If you believe that anybody here is supporting Saddam, then you must have misunderstood. We are criticizing the US foreign policy. Like hint, I believe that getting rid of Saddam was done the wrong way. You don't necessarily have strong anti-american feelings if you disagree with the US policy. These two things do not go hand in hand.
  8. KJP

    KJP Well-Known Member

    yes, but as someone that worked in Intel (thus the veteran reference) you are privy to more than most. So if your information is based on the sayings of a gov. and what u read in the papers, it is flawed info 100%

    The Israeli nuclear weapons program grew out of the conviction that the Holocaust justified any measures Israel took to ensure its survival...but we are speaking of US foreign policy and it seems like folks like the fact that Saddam is eating crap on the floor, but pissed about the means to get him to bend over!

    Dont speculate on the future of Iraq, we are going no way until it is secure, and for 1 billion a month in Afkan, I can assure you Iraq doesnt phase the gov. in expense...

    Like hint, I believe that getting rid of Saddam was done the wrong way.
    and lets keep telling the Americans that they did it wrong!~ Dont EVER credit them...

    I got an idea, next time you want someone out and for it to be done the right way, send Svejk!
  9. idemtidem

    idemtidem Well-Known Member

    You do not need to know everything in order to disagree with the deaths of Iraqi civilians. Saddam killed them, the US kills them.

    KJP, I really do not understand your position. I cannot comprehend how you can oppose the war, but yet defend it. If you think it's wrong, how can you support it? It just doesn't make any sense to me. I don't think that one has to support every move his nation makes in order to...what? I really do not know what you think will be accomplished by that.
  10. whatgives

    whatgives Member

    If apathy is the American way of being, why does the American government bother to get involved in any foreign issues???

    To refresh your memory, the following two messages are what you posted on page 10:

    I love America, you arent exactly coming off as a Vet yourself. I am also an American, one that signed a paper and served 4 years. When I left, I knew that a war could occur (Carter that idiot, 2 helos crashing into each other in Iran) I am a VEOA vet of the USN, do you know what that means?

    If you knew anything about our government you would realize what I stated was proof. How can I prove it to you, a DD214?


    You failed to answer if you served our country or not?

    Saying "I love America, you arent exactly coming off as a Vet yourself" is NOT a question, which nullifies the question in the second post because you didn't even ask the question in the first place.

    So what makes you believe I am not a native speaker?
    Do you really believe that??? Then why would you say "Once cast, fat lady has sung, I will abide by my country and support it, even when wrong"? Do you agree with the war crimes various U.S. administrations have committed over the years, just because those governments were voted in???
  11. hint

    hint Member

    no actually it was some aliens in their flying saucers lol
  12. ursula

    ursula Well-Known Member

    they got rid of saddam, all right. and in the process they destryed lost stole arcitectural treasures that belonged to all humans. no one thought to have a plan to safeguars those things. the pres probably doesnt even know how to spell archeology, duh.
  13. idemtidem

    idemtidem Well-Known Member

    Is that what makes you oppose the war the most? Maybe I'm reading it wrong. To me, it's because innocent people are being killed. People who were never asked...yes, they most likely opposed Saddam but I cannot possibly believe that this is the price they'd agree to pay. I'll say it again - to defeat a monster, you do not need to become one.
  14. KJP

    KJP Well-Known Member

    Ursula, they belonged to iraqi, no one else...

    I am going to end this, for it is going nowhere, but in closing, while in the military I held a key around my neck, which opened a book, the contents of which you could never imagine.

    Opinions are just that, yours, but unless you are a diplomat (even then rarely, many have this), politician or hold an advanced gov job (who cares which gov) you could never imagine the truth behind things like this....never. which is why most turn on the news, see the protestors in dreadlocks and go tuck their kids in.....goodnight
  15. ursula

    ursula Well-Known Member

    i beg to differ, citis like ur etc belong to all.
    and yes innocent people getting killed upsets me too. when i was one i had american airmen shooting at my mother and myself. my mother was trying to go from dinkelsbuehl where i was born) to nuernberg with me in a baby buggy. i dont think there was any call to shoot at a woman with a buggy.
  16. KJP

    KJP Well-Known Member

    i beg to differ, citis like ur etc belong to all
    ----erh, dont really understand, r u saying that the artifacts in our muzeums belong to the world? Did anyone note the two marines killed while defending the shrine in Bagdad from....Iragi insurgents! They were 19 and 22....

    Ursula, did u just date urself to be between 40-50? American airmen shot at you and your mom when? WWII? And you have anger about it but live in the USA???????????

    Identim, I oppose the war 100%, primarily because I have no respect for Bush and his policies, but I defend my country still, simply stated, I too will die for it, just like I was willing to do when I was a youngster. I debate with you all for you never were in such a position, and have strong opinions that only a rifle or wisdom will change (BTW, I am from NYC and served, yet never once in my life owned a gun nor even fired one) I too believe that we have no need for fully automatic weapons and dislike the south! Any takers.....? :lol:
  17. IloveAmerica

    IloveAmerica Active Member

    I should try not to post more then once because.....
    Dude you posted more then once just now.
    So are you one of these old crustaceans that
    have no problem passing out rules that
    don’t apply to themselves ? I guess so.

    "Serving your country" There are institutional perspectives
    as to what that refers to and moral ones.

    I don't have a choice?
    Just because the state offers to legalize the opportunity
    to go kill people doesn't mean i jump at the chance.
    Just because the state forces people to go kill people
    in a war i would rather sit in a jail cell in an act of civil

    There are more choice then just loving it or leaving it.
    If there are just those choices then shouldn’t that apply
    to people like Bumbsfeld and Dick Head and Bush Whacker ?
    Love it or leave it. If they don’t like the US constitution
    then go move to a country with no constitution or one
    with a lesser one.

    The largest attack with unconventional weapons killing the
    most civilians was in Japan by the peace loving democracy
    shoving constitutionally ignoring americans.

    Original question was me asking you some question about you
    clarifying your name and which war. You failed to answer that, then
    you asked me some questions. I mean dude we can go on and on
    asking each other questions and get no where.

    At the end of 1945, about 200,000 CIVILIAN people had died as a result of the bombing of Japan. That was the largest attack on civilian people by a state. The good ole united states o america.

    Altercations with the police ? You make it seem like that would be a bad thing. How dare i question authority. How dare anyone question authority.
    I have on many occasions questioned authority regardless of what and who it is.
    It doesn’t scare me, what does are people who simply obey and feel like "what choice do we have", "Love it or leave it" because that type of MENTALity simply helps those that would seek to erode fundamental principles that are in place that make america the best country in the world.

    As usual you failed to answer where those weapons used against his own people were from ? and after the US installed "yes man" attacked his own people "did the weapons sales continue" ? yes or no ? The answer is yes. Britain and the USofA are complicit.

    I dont follow leaders because they are in a position of authority maybe you do but had more people been like me and less like you then Hitler would have had a hard time recruting for his gencocidal acts.
  18. ursula

    ursula Well-Known Member

    i dont think people like eichmann, mengele and hitler are the specialty of germans. i think every country has psychopaths just look at the people involved in abu ghraib prisonscandal. hit home didnt it? look at the japanese and the rae of nanking. but you cant hold it against a whole country. only the truly ignorant do that. but i am tired of 38 years of german bashing on the history channel. and dont ask me what i think of werner von braun.
    an irate
  19. IloveAmerica

    IloveAmerica Active Member

    The largest wealth disparity in a western world is found in the usa.
  20. KJP

    KJP Well-Known Member

    Dude, other than you just being the dudiest of dudes dude, I will only address the above, then I will go turn on the extreme channel and watch you from there dude....rock on, for you are rightous dude, and like totally be your duding self on your board dude ( I think I am going to puke)

    IAM VEOA, it means a veteran that served in a peaceful time. MY name is not for the punks on the campus and that is how you come off (fear not, I am paid 2,500 kc a day to do this, but your verbiage is one of the reason I left my country)!

    May you be your rightous self forever DUDE, you are the man, no really, like totally, is it Maine?!
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