Bush and U.S. Foreign Policy

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by usak, Apr 1, 2005.

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  1. IloveAmerica

    IloveAmerica Active Member

    As usual no direct reply to issues raised.
    Cheers again KGB
  2. KJP

    KJP Well-Known Member

    Hey im happy im not the only one to notice that KGB whatever
    his name is, is unable to answer direct Questions.
    I reply to all his points only to recieve selective replies
    to arguements since his logic is flawed.
    He must live in Bush country.
    Oh well. Its scary such a good propaganda system works
    in the usa and whats more it makes money.
    Hitler himslef wrote that americas propaganda system
    is one of the best in the entire world as did the author of
    Animal Farm.
    KGB cheers !
    (cheers using french wine !)

    Did you ask me a question in your last post, or did you think I was going to go back over 159 posts?

    I addressed your last post, a norm in forums, remember: No Name, Hitler and Wells :}
  3. idemtidem

    idemtidem Well-Known Member

    Except you purposefully fail to inform me about the visiting hours of the current US president (just to name one).

    Oh, so you actually know 3. What a substantial decrease from the previously announced thousands. :roll:
  4. KJP

    KJP Well-Known Member

    now now, no one that can't play golf gets Bush time,

    only 3 true: I wouldnt have made such vast comments about a country like Iraq, as you, for I dont recall you mentioning have visitied there, nor know any Iraqis, so your opinions were all based on the magazine Blesk, less I be mistaken?

    u got to admit, the visting hours thing was good...
  5. idemtidem

    idemtidem Well-Known Member

    It's not an opinion to say that thousands of people died. Babies too. Saddam killed them before, now it's the Americans and British (mostly). Also, I do not recall claiming that I knew anything about the *exact* wishes of Iraqi civilians.

    Ok, I admit it :lol:
  6. KJP

    KJP Well-Known Member

    Ok, we are there to murder them, then their childrren and then steal their oil, right? at which point do we run away again, after all the oil is loaded on the trucks?!

    Do I understand US policy yet, in accordance with...hum

    Now who died in todays blast? An American girl on peace mission
  7. idemtidem

    idemtidem Well-Known Member

    No, I never said that. You put words in my mouth that are not mine.

    I've also never ever said or even suggested that it was okay to kill American girls on peace missions.
  8. KJP

    KJP Well-Known Member

    granted, but a first timer reading your last post could interpret it like that... I however, am beginning to know you :}

    Neither us, nor the Brits r there for that reason, but this is war and the inevitable result...

    I was reading of the American girl while writing the previous, and thought to myself....do predle
  9. idemtidem

    idemtidem Well-Known Member

    I do understand that the war is not led for that reason. But because the deaths of all those people are the inevitable consequence, I cannot but oppose it.

    "do predle" - for a while I was like: "what's that supposed to mean??" but I think I got it now. You need to switch e and d.
  10. IloveAmerica

    IloveAmerica Active Member

    I could think of a better candidate like any handful of american presidents that have commited war crimes.
  11. IloveAmerica

    IloveAmerica Active Member

    about 200,000 CIVILIAN people had died as a result of the bombing of Japan. That was the largest attack on civilian people by a state. The good ole united states o america.
  12. hint

    hint Member

    yeah was a bout to say it too, but you cant convince KJP as he is an Orthodox Bushitte :)

    as he stated he will blindly follow his administration no matter what
  13. KJP

    KJP Well-Known Member

    How many did you say died as they attack Pearl Harbor? Im sorry, you quoted the world trade center deaths, yes? NO, you forget, we were asleep as they attacked...wiped from your selective memory forever

    ''This is something that cannot be discussed at all," said Ali Dabagh, a spokesman for the clergy-led United Iraqi Alliance, which holds 140 seats in Iraq's 275-member National Assembly. ''We feel he is a criminal. He is the number one criminal in the world. He is a murderer."

    Not Americans words, guess who?"

    Iraqi forces fanned through the dusty streets of Madain and took positions on rooftops in the town south of Baghdad, while Sunni leaders dismissed the reports of a hostage crisis as a hoax.

    The US military, whose forces stood by in case they were needed, called the operation in Madain a significant step forward in the training of Iraqi forces, which is key to America's exit strategy in the two-year-old war.

    ''The city is now under full control," interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi's office said, adding that 10 suspected insurgents were arrested and large amounts of weapons seized.

    You see, soon it will be time for us to leave, and then people like you will complain more....saying they left them with nothing!

    Also, folks like you complain when we find WMD, and claim that we put them there ourselves...it just never ends...soon there will be a new cause for you to justify your existence with
  14. hint

    hint Member

    yeah it does never end, next time someone other gets accused of having WMD and war goes over them, nothing will be found again ...
  15. KJP

    KJP Well-Known Member

    strange English, but I can stretch my imagination...r u referring to the recon photos over Iran and N. Korea? Your solution to which is to do....nothing? Grow some flowers and chant greenpeace? Being Czech I am pleased that you like the Brits so much for liberating you (yes, I have spent years here hearing how the Americans were late) but they are a little pissed at your opinions now, now that it is over...ask your parents kid
  16. hint

    hint Member

    in case of North Korea your goverment is practically doing nothing. In case of Iran which wants to have some Nuclear power plant why not, its the most clean and environment-friendly energy source.

    Lets not forget the Brits werent the only ones who liberated us. You have some serious holes in your knowledge :)

    And dont forget the Munich conference where all those "allies" gave our land to the enemy. Go ask your parents yourself kid :)
  17. KJP

    KJP Well-Known Member

    Hum, I think this says that the USA and EUROPE (czechs r part of that, no?well, for today they r, but Klaus and Gross may be the nail in the coffin, eh?) are concerned with their intent: from todays NYTimes...

    TEHRAN, Iran - As it faces the threat of global sanctions from the United States and Europe because of suspicions that it is turning its nuclear program to weapons production, Iran is fighting back with a powerful weapon of its own: its vast oil and gas resources.

    Maybe, if it is true that we are doing nothing (N. Korea), it comes from folks like urself showing nothing but contempt and distain for nations that try to ease world arsenal from madmen? No, we are doing something, but you could never obtain the necessary clearance to find out.... stick with Blesk...

    Gave your land, the Sudenten issue? Look at your historical map, Czechs ruled most of Europe, it slowly keeps getting taken from you, you are dealing only with things of this century..

    The Brits werent the only ones to liberate you, you are crediting the Americans also? NO, I know u r not, but I can send you a foto of me in the woods here in CR, next to a monument that thanks the Americans, for what, God only knows, so I will ask you! Shouldn't it be "havent a hint" or got an opinion and nothing more? Ive made it clear where my opinions come from...
  18. hint

    hint Member

    yeah europe is considering negotiations and political discussions compared to american/israeli threatening and harrasing with weapons

    stick this in yoru notes: "war is not always the solution, but only the last resort"

    nah actually it comes from folks like yours and as we know from the history the US administration had a always a blind eye for some regimes while actively patricipating in others

    where did i say i dont credit americans ? your again refferings to things noone said. unfortunately the americans of the past dont exist anymore
  19. hint

    hint Member

    i dont want to sound like im beating you on a purpose, im just expressing my opinion. Yes you are a veteran and i respect you, its just i (and not only me) have a different view on the whole thing - namely the Bush campaign against terror.
  20. hint

    hint Member

    hey Ursula can we please go back to the Llama story ? :wink:
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