Can someone please translate?

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    can someone please translate this for me?

    Thanks in advance!

    Dobrý den,
    moje anglictina není tak dobrá, abych v ní odpovídala. Seznam tech,
    prezili nemám, snad by vám pomohlo Zidovské muzeum v Praze. Stejne ale,

    pokud chcete tyto seznamy, bylo by dobré o sobe neco napsat. Neznám vás
    nic o vás nevím a nevím proc je chcete.
    S pozdravem Smetanová

    Is there any working websites, like babblefish that does CZ to English translation? The ones I found on google don't work (that all call and time out)

    Just in case you need context, I sent an email (in English) to the Horazdovice town museum asking about the list of 118 people sent to camps..

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    my English isn't good enough to answer. I haven't list of survivors, maybe Jewish museum in Prague could help you. Anyway, if you want these lists, I suggest to write something about you. I don't know you, I don't know nothing about you and I don't know, why do you want these lists.

    With regard, Smetanova.
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    děkuji vám !

    (I hope that means thank you!)

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